Coach featured in In Style

  1. Page 250 of the Sept issue: This 'style file' piece shows Coach products other than handbags for fall. Shown are: cashmere knit legacy gloves, leather swing jacket, mink swing coat, velvet peep toe heels, mohair cardigan, and necklaces/ pendants. I :heart:the necklaces!
  2. Jewelry in store August 27, 2007! BEAUTIFUL! To bad employees cannot purchase jewelry for a while.....:hrmm:
  3. Thanks for the update, I just got my InStyle yesterday in the mail! I am so looking forward to perusing my magazine tonight! :drool:
  4. Can't wait to see the jewelry.
  5. I can't remember if I have that one or not. Who's on the cover?
  6. Sweet Escape: Love, love, love my InStyle- it is a big one! I checked out your collection link and I have dog named Bella too!

    Very cute bags and pup!:smile:
  7. cutecoachgirl
    Thank you for the compliments....we have a lot in common! What breed is your Bella?
    You were so right about the InStyle, muy grande issue! So many wonderful items for Fall and so many gorgeous designer purses to drool over! :drool:
  8. Gwen Stefani!
  9. My Bella is a Chihuahua- her sister is Zoey and her dad is Zeus.
  10. lol. anyone buying the 4000 mink coach jacket?
  11. Thank you. :smile: I don't have that one yet so I'll have to go get it later.
  12. I went to buy it today but it's not out in stores yet. The one with Mandy Moore is still on shelves (at least in Maine):smile:
  13. I'm so glad you told me! I tried to buy it at the grocery store today but they didn't have it. I thought maybe it was just Kroger because they seem to get everything late, so I was going to head to Borders tonight. I'll save myself the trip for now! *L* Thanks girl.
  14. I'm dying to get it (so mad that I canceled my subscription, and have since renewed it!). I called In Style CS and it goes on sale on newstands next week!!

    Yeeeeaaa!! It's Lily day for you!!! :yahoo:
  15. weird, i bought it in Ontario yesterday. i always assumed we got american mags l8r