Coach Fantasy

  1. My Coach Fantasy is to be able to shop at the COACH store, like I shop at the 99 cent store.:love:
    What's yours?
    Also what would you do for a COACH?:graucho:
  2. Nice 1 mine to have some of the bags that was out before i was born and to have 1 from every collection
  3. my fantasy would be for my outlet to have everything on my wish list for outlet prices + 40% off of that. lol I would like to see the large patent black ergo there, a buckskin madeline, lots of ponytail scarves in different colors, charms, charms, & more charms especially HEART charms and the strawberry ones...just everything I want right before me on SALE.
  4. My fantasy would be to have a coach outlet near me.
  5. My fantasy would be first to have an outlet near me and to have it always have the best selection of bags--or at least all of the ones on my wishlet. Also, to have ALL of the charms/keyfobs every made!
  6. Well.. I guess have a Coach Store in my town with a MAC store next... and I live in the middle of nowhere!
  7. My Coach fantasy would be to have a infinite dollar amount on my Coach gift card so I could get anything Coach that I wanted for free! :yahoo: Then I could shop at my Coach outlet and get lots of gorgeous stuff - Legacy, wristlets, signature, Hamptons, ponytail scarves, mini skinnies.....that would be Coach heaven! :heart:

    Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?:girlsigh:
  8. My Coach fantasy would be to have the outlets online so that I wouldn't have to drive 3 hours round trip to the closest good outlet and I could browse from my couch. Also to have first choice of all the things that I want AND to have an unlimited gift card.
  9. I second this one! That would be soooo amazing! :nuts:

    (We are SO sad...:p)
  10. My fantasy would be...that everytime I go to the outlet, I would find something that I was looking for. I drive home bummed out a lot because they did not have anything good. I also like the idea of a virtual camera online of the store you are planning on shopping at, so that you can scan the shelves and see what they have. That would save the trip if you don't see anything!!! (good idea Mrs. MC)
  11. My fantasy would be to be able to shop for coach in a boutique (instead of eBay all the time), and it to be like supermarket sweep where you can shove everything into a trolley that you love and win money rather then have to spend it!!! :p
  12. My fantasy would be to have a shipment of coach purses and accessories and shoes to my house every month with all the new things of that month or season. FOR FREE!! :smile: that way I wouldn't have to worry about what I want because I would get it all. LOL
  13. My fantasy would be to be able to be a product tester. Someone has to be able to try out the bags before they are sold. :biggrin: I would keep them all,
  14. My fantasy would be to be able to buy everything in the coach store and sephora. No Limit, and be able to go every season for the newly released stuff. I'm seriously addicted to coach and sephora stores.
  15. To save it's owner life and he would recompense me with the right of coming to ANY store and get ANYTHING I like for free and NO LIMITS for as many years as I like.