Coach fanny pack/pouch??

  1. Hi all,
    when I was on vacation this June/July... I saw several ladies wearing a fannypack/pouch type (around their waist) and I could of sworn it was Coach....(or was I dreaming ??)

    anyways,I was just surfing the coach site to show a friend of mine what it looked like and to see the price...but I could not find any.
    (was I really dreaming ??) and if not, can someone point me in the right direction with link ??

    many thanks!
  2. Maybe something like the Hamptons Signature Hip Bag?

  3. no, it did not look like that.. the thing i saw was like a fanny pack like thing... maybe I was dreaming and it was not Coach at all ....

    too bad.
  4. was it a nylon looking one?
  5. I think in the past in their Classic line they have had a fanny pack. I also recall seeing it in the book at the store.
  6. The fanny packs are at the factory outlets.
  7. thanks for everyone's comments...

    I had a few of my friends hit the outlets that they could get to this past few days...(I believe they manage to hit 3 different outlets and found nothing !!)

    any pics out there ??
  8. perhaps?
  9. ^I saw these in black & khaki at the Leesburg outlet, if anyone is still interested.
  10. Also in black and khaki at the hagerstown, md outlet today.
  11. wow.. does anyone recall the price of these ??

    many thanks for everyones info !
  12. Didn't look sorry! I should have because I knew you were looking..but I was so excited with my own purchases I didn't check. My bad!
  13. Same here sorry....I can always get their # & you can call & ask the price & see if they will ship to your nearest outlet.
  14. there was one that looked a lot like *hate to say this but a customer said it too* the gucci fanny pack

    it had two flat pockets, but the minor difference, besides the c's, was the turn lock on each pocket, and of course a zipper compartment on top.

    that came out eariler this year, was briefly online and in stores but VERY hard to find and VERY hard to get. impossible right now actually :smile:

    it came in three colors, black on black, khaki with gold trim and khaki with white trim.

    it's one of those, you don't get it, you miss out deals where you're almost guarnteed (sp) that no one else around you will be wearing it.

    it was 178$
  15. hi