Coach fanny or waist pack

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  1. #1 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    Does anyone know if these are available anywhere? I have been searching for one but cannot find one. I perfer black. I know Gucci makes almost the identical bag and it comes in black but it's very expensive for the limited amount of use. I perfer the coach.

    I found a picture of a dark brown one (unfortunatly it's a replica) which brings me to another question. Do you think the dark brown would be OK for a guy to wear. I dont have a problem with black but I dont know if the dark brown would be too feminine. I dont think it would be with this style of bag but would like opinions from you ladies. Idid find an authentic coach in the light tan but I dont think I would be comfortable wearing that one unless I was with my wife while wearing it.

    Sorry that the picture qualityis so poor.

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  2. Are you near any outlets?

    I think I saw some black mini sig ones at the outlet last week.
  3. They made some similar in mini sig or sig c black material that were similar to the faked designs you have shown, but I don't believe the bags are as deep or long as those you pictured are. I know there was some at the outlets either after Xmas or w/in the last 2 weeks, but they have really dried up.

  4. Thanks.....It's a little different than the style I was looking for but I do like it. I have seen it before but was afraid it's a little more feminine than the one I posted. I would probably be wearing it mostly when I'm with my wife at theme parks or traveling. Do you think it would be appropriate for a guy or would it look weird.
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  6. I don't think it would look weird, but I do think it's a lot more feminine than other fanny packs I've seen. There are some vintage leather ones on ebay that are really gorgeous and more butch.

    I also really like those Varick flight bags for men. There was also a leather Hamptons waist pack that I saw a while ago that was very nice and unisex.

    I think there's something about the signature pattern for me. That being said, if you like the sig one, I don't think there's a problem with dark brown -- I often think the dark brown looks more masculine than the black.
  7. I got the khaki at the outlet last summer. I think the bag style is feminine; I've seen less feminine fanny packs in other brands. I pulled mine out and on the last notch, it is 40" around, so consider that when you are looking. Have you looked at the Men's section on the Coach Japan site?全アイテム
    If you have never looked at Coach Japan website before, just click on the photos, get the style number and call your local boutique or Coach Customer Service and inquire if it can be ordered. They will tell you the available colors and price. Don't try to do a yen/USD conversion-the prices are much higher in Japan, so it doesn't work.

    I also agree with loupole, the Varick flight bags are nice looking.

    Or maybe a bag from REI or your local recreation store? Or check out a Baggallini bag. They have some nice bags that are made of rip-stop nylon, come in a wide range of solid colors. Some are smaller, like wallets, you can detach the strap and attach to your belt.

    Good luck!
  8. they always have them at the outlets, usually mini sig khaki or black
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    I saw that one and was wacthing it although by the time I went back to bid the auction was over. Im gonna try to get to the outlets soon unless I find a great deal in between.

    My wife agreed that the PENELOPE SIGNATURE HIP BAG is also a little too feminine:sad:. I really like the brownstyle of the one that I posted above which would be perfect for a guy but only found that on fake sites. Does anyone know if this is a legitimate style or only a fake copy of the gucci bag. ( gucci makes the identical bag only way more expensive).
  10. I thought of you this weekend -- the Orlando Prime outlet had several fanny packs, but they were the typical fanny pack style and not the one you posted above. After discounts, I think they came to around $70. They had black and khaki small singature, and looking at them in person, I actually think the khaki is more masculine than the black. Just an opinion; I always feel a bit odd about commenting on masculine versus feminine bags, anyway. If it helps, my daughter, who was with me, said she liked the black one better because the brown one looked "too boyish". :smile:

  11. My wife also agreed that the khaki would be a better choice. She thought the black was too feminine. The Orland Prime or the other coach outlet at the end of I-drive are the two that we go to as well. i guess I'll be looking for the khaki now. Thanks or the info.
  12. I'm sure you can pull it off! But in that style, somehow I think the khaki is more feminine than the black... probably because the monogram isn't as obvious. Good luck, I hope you find something you like!

  13. I was going to say that it's a decent size for Disney trips, but then deleted that sentence, figuring that most people don't need it for that purpose. :smile:

    There was also a very manly bag at Prime -- one I've never seen before. It was messenger style and made of some odd water-resistant material. It was on the 50% off clearance rack. It was a decent size for Florida outings, and I could definitely see my husband wearing it. It did NOT look like a Coach product, though.