Coach Fall 2017 Thread!

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  1. The runway show will be tomorrow! I'm excited to see what Stuart Vevers will have in store for us!

    These were posted in Instagram Stories by the official Coach account. They look like tiny printed Rogues!!!

  2. Not sure if I'll be into the prints, but I do love the size and would do a custom Rogue in that size in a heartbeat. The balloons are kind of fun though.
  3. Oops, I didn't realize that bellebellebelle19 already posted these in the Rogue club. I didn't mean to repeat! I just hadn't seen that when I posted...
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  4. The print on the white bag appears to be cherries!

  5. Ah, cool! What I get for trying to look at it on my phone lol!
  6. These show invite envelopes...

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  7. These are online now but only available for a week. Look at the charm included with the solid colors! IMG_1487103776.473039.jpg
  8. Not on line in uk sigh
  9. I ordered the Car print!!

    I was trying to watch the show feed on Instagram Live, but it cut out. The show hadn't started yet, though.
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  10. That violet one is really cute, but it's too small for me to justify buying, alas.
    Wasn't really digging the main shape of the bags seen in the runway show, too horizontally elongated for my taste. But we will see what actually appears.
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  11. I can't believe that's all they're offering for 'shop the runway'..... no clothing items, no men's totes, nothing but itty bitty rogues. :huh:
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  12. Bah. I really don't want to buy into this marketing technique, but they're oh so adorable!
    w1.JPG w2.JPG w3.JPG w4.JPG w5.JPG w6.JPG w7.JPG
    w8.JPG w9.JPG w10.JPG w11.JPG w12.JPG
  15. I love those big kisslock closings.....oh no. Fall colors and kisslock bags.....better start saving $.
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