Coach Fall 2014 preview soon?

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  1. Facebook post seems to indicate a Fall Preview is coming on Thursday. I'M NOT READY!!!:panic:
  2. Fall? I want all the Spring and Summer bags to be out already!! I just got a few Fall deletes from FOS this past I will be using those this Fall! lol...But I will take a peak :sneaky:
  3. I know, right? I'm still trying to cover all my bases from fall 2013.
  4. I saw that too and wondered where the rest of Spring and Summer had got to! lol! New executive creative director to roll out though, so I guess none of Spring and Summer 2014 are anything that he has overseen.
  5. No! Not yet! lol
  6. same here, I want the rest of the spring and summer colors to come out! I already have a fall wallet and bag. Though i could use a new one
  7. I got the email too. It is probably important for Coach to show investors what is coming down the road since the new director is an unknown quantity.
  8. It does seem early but I'm looking forward to seeing what's coming as I generally like fall collections more than spring/summer!
  9. Oh no- I absolutely LOVE the fall colours.....anxiously awaiting the preview- but, as the other posters have said- would like to see the rest of the spring/summer lines first!!!
    (and be able to enjoy some warm weather as we are getting hit yet again by more winter snow)
  10. More Purple please never enough of it for me.
  11. Here is the first image of Fall/Winter '14-15. It's very downtown chic. The bag is part of Vevers's new "Rhyder" collection.

  12. ^ ^ ^ Fainted! LOVE!

  13. That bag is gorgeous!