Coach Fall 2014 - Official site

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  1. Wow, I really hate all of those bags. I better start stocking up as much of the current stuff as I can because my guess is that when all the fall bags are released I will be enjoying what I have instead of buying new bags.

    And seriously, the models, they look dead. Are they going for the zombie look with that make-up? Yikes.

    EDIT: Sorry I forgot to thank you for posting! I enjoy seeing the new stuff, even if I don't like it. So thank you!
  2. Some of these bags may indeed bring me back to Coach!!!
  3. Me like!
  4. I totally agree with you! I didn't see one thing in there that I liked! I am hoping there will be more variety when the time comes :smile:.
  5. Yikes. Not for me. Thanks for posting!
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    No problem! We all have our preferences, to be honest I do not think I would go for any of these bags either, but still I like those styles with stitches and fringes, because they bring me good memories ;) (giving away my age). Now I am old enough to know what styles suit me better.

    I also agree the models look dead, how you are supposed to sell a product, if you look like you are going to have a root canal?
  7. A couple of the bags looked okay but nothing jumps out to me. I hate the bleached eyebrows look. It looks like these girls have no eyebrows at all. Very unflattering.
  8. Not for me either- which is quite sad as I was rather disappointed with last fall too. Oh well. My wallet says "thank you".....

    maybe this will be the year of the accessories instead?
  9. thanks for posting.
    don't really like any and I kept looking at the models' faces instead of the bags. they would fit right in in a horror movie.
  10. I am still debating the fall collection. I was disappointed at first, but I do know that many of my Coach bags weren't "love" until I saw them in person. I have never been overly impressed with how they showcase their bags on their website. I am hoping that is the case with the fall collection.
  11. I am very encouraged! I'm excited to see more.
  12. These are the same photos from the fashion show. I really love one of those coats but I'll never be able to afford it! I'm not worrying about whether I like any of the bags because I know there will be plenty more, plus variations we aren't seeing now. I wasn't wild about most of the Spring bags but now I'm starting to warm up to the Preston, the Borough, the Bleecker shoulder bag, and maybe the Cooper, so I'll probably like some of the Fall bags eventually.
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    Got to stock up on the spring bags! And then lie low...
  14. When I first saw the preview during FW I wasn't sure about any of this, but I am getting more and more excited to see things in person!