Coach Fall 2012 Non-Legacy Thread

  1. I can't wait to see drill downs as they come along!!
  2. Espresso??? YUMMM. LOVE Coffee! Anyone know how to try to do DD pix?

  3. Looking forward to more info on that pleated Lindsey! I love it!

  4. Fyi I was able to preirder the black/silver Isabelle style 21224 using my pce. She said estimated backorder date of 8/21.
  5. Nothing coming up yet even in the standard dd that doesn't require a color code. I tried some color codes, too, but couldn't get anything up, though I'm not absolutely sure I was using the right codes.

    Here are links to the standard dd for each, once there's a pic available it should come up.
  6. Also I was able to get a little more info on the Annabel crossbody....although no pics were available she sordid tell me a little about it:
    Dimensions: 9"long by 7.5" high by 3.25" wide
    Snap closure
    No exterior pockets
    1 crossbody strap - 21" drop
    Short strap( not sure if there's on or two short straps)- 3.5" drop
  7. Does anyone know if the gathered wallets are being completely deleted or are they coming out with new colors?
    Thanks :smile:
  8. Was your PCE an online code? I have a PCE code that a TPF'R gave me, and would love to use it on the Archival Rambler!
  9. Yep, an online code I received in an email. Good luck!
  10. JAX has no pics available yet so there may not be up yet.
  11. It seems you can buy lots of colors full-price but I got a PA today on a raspberry one from an outlet.
  12. Kdennis, which outlet did you go for PA? I'm on my way to VA beach, so thinking to drop by the outlet.
  13. Williamsburg told me on the phone last night they would not do a PA unless the bag was purchased in their store. I went to Potomac Mills. I think they all are held to the 14 day PA.
  14. Thanks for this...I saw your post and ran to my FP store to return my black/brass for the black/silver.

    I called CS and was told that black/silver (8/21), mahogany/brass (8/21), and magenta/silver (8/14) were available to pre-order. CS advised these would be coming out in August but my FP SA stated that they all show September release dates. :shrugs:

    Honestly, every time that I call or email I get a different answer.
  15. :woot: Smaller versions of Caroline?? Yay!