Coach Fall 2012 Master Thread

  1. whimpers...not seeing any lovely, yummy, luscious, sriped linings :sad:
  2. I think the men's line is outstanding. The rest, not sure.
  3. I love the tassel fobs, and the bucket bags, will just have to wait and see how big they are.
  4. I've been cheating with Dooney for a year now just to get that tan in the duffle/satchel with tassels style!
  5. Looks like I am going to be saving some $$$$ also....!
  6. My feelings exactly! Happily there are some new bags springing out now that should hold me over for a while :graucho:
  7. I want to see the inside of the bags! I hope they don't ruin the bags with lavender lining.

  8. I don't disagree. A few of the smaller pieces definitely had an Hermes flavor to them.

  9. I echo your statements! These are all standouts-I love 99.9% of this collection. I wonder if when they re-released the original all leather bags a few months ago, which I'm sure were big sellers, it made them think about just going all out on the next collection. I'm going to be so poor this fall!!! :lol:
  10. Oh, and great job Vlad and Megs!!! You're the best!
  11. Nice pics Vlad! I like the tassel fob and the shoes r nice
  12. Are any of these meant to be the Legacy come-back we were expecting? Because I was picturing styles & colors similar to the 65th anniversary legacy bags.

    Very upset if this is it.
  13. I too love the color block wallet and wristlet, the booties with the tassels, and the bright colors. I definitely can see Reed Krakoff in the fur bag.
  14. Is it just me or does it remind anyone too much of Roots leather bags?

    So far I'll stick with regular Coach bags. I liked the older legacy styles better.
  15. I just happened to be looking at the Reed Krakoff website last night and I can see a lot of similarities between these bags ( especially the satchels) and the RK branded versions.