Coach Fall 2012 Master Thread

  1. Thanks for posting these pictures. I had hoped the burnt orange would be more "burnt" it just looks orange from my computer screen. But the berry and violet... LOVE.
  2. I am LOVING so many colors in the duffle... oh no... lol I already want at least 7 different colors... :loveeyes: are there any pictures (even just a stock photo) of the fuchsia duffle?
  3. Thanks for answering my questions, ladies! I like that the warm gray has silver hardware... I'll have to see how much I love the camel when it gets here tomorrow. But perhaps there's room for me to get the gray in the pocket duffle with the zip/crossbody action. I know they are not radically different bags, but maybe different enough I can justify :smile: I will have to wait to see it in the boutique in person -- i can't stand the wait of ordering sight unseen and waiting anymore!
  4. Anyone know if small Candace carryall is going to be offered in other colors than the yellow, black and brown? Namely in cobalt? I love the bag but wish it came in the other colors. I know the bigger sizes come in more colors but I really want the small Candace.
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    NOW I'm being told back order date for BC bucket has been pushed back to the original 8/19/12!!!!!

    Jan, didn't you say were charged already? JAX showing 0 inventory??? (Jan, you changed your avatar: almost didn't 'recognize' you! LOL!)

    23438 CANVAS pocket duffle $458. No more info: doesn't sound like same bag :sad:

    Only style in TOURMALINE is the regular duffle: 19889, $348
  6. Me too! I'm hoping that it's darker IRL, as it seems the colors usually are. So many pretty colors!!!!!!
  7. Nothing's coming up yet for black cherry -- should be sv/bcy if code is the same as the regular black cherry, but Coach isn't always consistent on stuff like that.
  8. Thanks for looking!
  9. Black Cherry has been shipped. Picked up in JAX 7/28 - and it's been sitting in Memphis for 2 days (according to tracking). Delivery 8/2. My last 2 bags - and now this one have been Fedex issues.... This is the first time in several years I've had Fedex problems............ they must know how bad I want these bags.......
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    Good there is an 'edit' button. Had a whole different comment Posted before checking email....for the SHIPMENT CONFIRMATION!!!!!! Mine also shipped 7/28, delivery TODAY by 7pm!!!!

    Well SA REALLY didn't know what she was talking about....but that's a GOOD thing :smile:

    Hope we both LOVE !!!!! Will try to do a reveal tonight
  11. These should speak for themselves:love:
  12. Okay, that is really cute.

    Might need to return my tourmaline duffle and wait for that in the gray or a bright color.
  13. Gorgeous!! I love that color! Is that the pocket duffle?
  14. Fedex came early... smashed box and all! ^^^^ It's LOVE!:cloud9::love::hbeat:
  15. Thank you! It's the Archival Bucket Bag (21193 @ $398)