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  1. Good evening ladies. I just found out today that my full price store is turning into a 8,000 square feet Coach Factory. The new store is set to open in The spring. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I am excited for lower prices of course. But, I am not a fan of bags made for the outlets. My question to you all is what can I expect from the outlet store? Do they have any bags, watches, jewelry from FP stores?
  2. There are dozens of threads here about the factory stores.
  3. Wow, really? I wonder how many other FP stores will turn into factory stores. Do you have other FP stores nearby? I wonder if this is part of some master plan.

    The outlet stores as of now contain about 75 to 90 % made for factory items. Items as they are deleted from FP stores may be sold there. Most outlets have a delete wall near the back of the store. Currently they have FP bags and SLGs. Some stores have FP watches, jewelry and shoes.

    We keep hearing rumors that Coach will stop sending deletes to factory stores but it hasn't happened yet.
  4. I so don't believe they are going to stop sending deletes to the outlets. What would they do with them? they could liquate them over seas or though the dept store outlets I guess.
  5. I know. They said that last year too, and the entire fall Madison line went to outlet.
  6. Yes, there are, but you see this one is different because her fp store is being converted into a factory store. I think it's worthy of its own separate discussion and the op even started it in the correct section. I'm tired of seeing threads closed or merged bc they are similar. It's not very nice to shut down people's discussions.
  7. This is interesting. Is the present Coach store in a mall? or does it stand alone? The outlet factory stores I've seen are all in outlet malls.

    To answer your question, they carry about 95% MFF products, but do get some deleted bags that are transferred from the FP stores or JAX. Some have small jewelry displays or shoes (mine does not).
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    I see nothing wrong with tonij2000's reply. In fact they're tons of very current outlet threads under Coach> Coach Shopping, and lots of spy pics are posted, especially pics of the deletes (items from FP stores).
  9. Thank you ladies for all your replies. The FP store is located inside a big mall in Syracuse. They have been here since 2005. They just announced yesterday that they will be moving into a larger store inside the mall and make it into an outlet, no more FP store. We have a lot of new stores opening inside the mall in Syracuse. I'm sure some ladies are disappointed ... the ones who want to stay current. I guess they will need to make their purchases directly from JAX, Macys and Lord and Taylor. I do not like to shop at Macy's for Coach ... well, the one by my house. The SAs are not very nice. I like the FP Coach bags vs MFF. But, it's nice to hear the outlets get deletes. My next purchase is going to be a watch, so I'm happy to hear they carry jewerly/watches.

  10. I have a ton of coach deletes and EVERY one but ONE is from outlet -
  11. Thanks for starting a discussion thread about this, because this is very unique news compared to the "here's what you can find at" factory store threads that are common on this forum.

    I'll be interested in learning more. I'd heard some rumor mill buzz about changes similar to this, but didn't accept it at face value til I saw it happen. is some of that, only somewhat varied from the buzz I'd heard.

    Thanks again for sharing this info, as I'm sure it will stir some interesting conversation and perhaps even responses from those directly assigned to moderate the Coach forum.
  12. I find this extremely interesting. I don't recall ever seeing an outlet of any brand in a regular mall. I wonder how the other retailers feel about it.

    They have a lot of watches at my outlet. I don't know if some of them are MFF.
  13. Maybe you should share your concerns with the mods as they're the only ones who can close or merge threads.
  14. I think the Outlet will draw a lot more people vs FP store. You're right about a regular mall having an outlet. Weird.
  15. Interesting, I've seen the opposite - outlet stores being turned back into FP stores. Interested to see how this transpires.