Coach Factory sold me used green peyton!?

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  1. I went to the Coach factory store in Loveland, and saw a beautiful green peyton on the clearance rack. I picked it up, and noticed that it was 65% off, and sold "as is" because there was a small pen mark on the back on the bag that couldn't be cleaned. The final price was $240.00. This was the only Peyton they had in stock, and at $240.00, I couldn't resist (even with a little pen mark, lol). I asked about the pen mark, and they said it arrived that way during shipping, and they were not sure how it happened.

    Anyways, I get home, and take all the stuffing out of the bag, getting ready to put by stuff inside, and I notice there is make up stains, and pen stains on the fabric! WTH?

    This was sold to me "as is" because of the pen mark, but I was told it was brand new, and obviously it was used.

    Do you think at $240.00 is it still a good deal? Or should I go back and complain? I am kinda torn. I love the bag, but hate the fact it was sold to me and was already used!


    Lisa :smile:
  2. Hmmm, it would irk me too but at that price I personally would clean it up and keep it.
  3. Yuck, I'd definitely take it back. I'm fine with used bags WHEN I KNOW that's what I'm getting. Even at that price, I would be upset because they led you to believe otherwise.
  4. That would make me angry. I might go back and complain since they did not tell you everything. I always like to check out the bag while I'm in the store, take out all the stuffing etc. Besides I thought green peytons were $240 with the 20% off coupon last week. Redline price was about $599.99 and 50% off that would $299.99, so 20% off that would be $239.99. However, since they didn't do a coupon this week, I think you got it at a good price. If the pen mark isn't that noticeable, and you can clean off the makeup stains inside, then it's definitely a good deal.
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    take a tide pen to the inside and I've used alcohol on a q-tip on leather to take out pen marks. It works great.
  6. I would go back and complain if I was you. A used bag shouldnt have stains inside.
  7. Yah, ok. I'm gonna call and see what they say. hmmph.. i am so irritated!
  8. Sorry that happened to you. This is why some of us get irritated when people return used bags to the outlets. They don't realize this can happen to another coach lover like you or me.

    Well it was used katty, hence the stains. Now, they said it was brand new that's a different story. Unless someone used it and returned to the store and they SA's did not even bother to look inside the bag and notice the lining was stained KWIM?
  9. Take it back!!!! And complain to the manager!

    See the problem is I have noticed that when you return something the SA's don't check inside the bags or anything. They just process the return which is totally wrong. But oh well.
  10. love to hear how this turns out.

  11. A friend of mine is having problems with pen marks on her leather purse. Alcohol? Rubbing alcohol?
  12. Me too --

    I would be upset. If I was told I would be getting a NEW bag, then I expect the condition to be NEW.

    I personally wouldn't pay $240 for a bag that was obviously used.

    I got a NEW Peyton at the outlet for just $40 more than what you paid for a used one. I would definitely take it back. They disclosed the pen mark but not all of the other various marks inside.

    I guess we can thank all those people who try out the bags and then take them back to the store because they changed their mind :hrmm:
  13. I called the manager, and she told me to bring the bag in, and she will "accommodate" me. If they knock another 20% or 30% off the bag, I will keep it, but if not, i guess i'm gonna have to say bye bye :sad: I called another outlet to see if they had a new one, and they are sold out! dang-it!
  14. This is exactly what I worry about. I always read about someone taking back their bag after a little while. If I go to buy a new bag that's EXACTLY what I want! I don't want someone's bag that they used for a while then changed their mind. I can't afford too many new bags (actually have yet to buy a brand new one!) but when I finally go get one I'd be so upset if I found signs of use in it!
  15. Just clean it out and keep it... you probably won't be able to find another one in the stores, so the only other place would be eBay... and who's to say that those won't be in worse condition?