Coach Factory Road Trip

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  1. So I am traveling from GA to VA and decided to let y'all know which deletes I am seeing.

    First stop - Springfield, NC. 30/20. Twisted real phoebe, BV phoebe, gray quartz phoebe. Gunmetal saff mini satchel and large Sadie. Glitter lizard and black sadie. BV studded Haley. Black studded wristlets. Madison mini stachel in ocelot.

    Crap, it's fading! I was to chicken to take pics.

    Got it! A ton of fuchsia or magenta legacy basket clutches.

    Those are really the standouts for me. There were some other Black Violet and brass/black bags. Spring MFF stuff in 50% off.

    Hope that helps someone! Next stop - Potomac Mills, VA. (Traffic allowing)
  2. Cool idea! Have safe travels! :smile:
  3. Why don't you ask at each stop if they will do a charge send? That way if you report something somebody might be looking for, they will know if they can do a charge send for it or not.
  4. If I had any idea how a charge send worked, I would. As it is, I've been driving solo since 6am and am timing my food and gas breaks so I can swing into very crowded outlet malls to update people on deletes. And traffic is a nightmare. Not really up to standing in long lines or hunting down SAs to ask if they will do a hypothetical charge send. Sorry.

    Potomac Mills - black phoebe with snake pattern on the side, some kind of large Madison stachel with brown pleating or scales on the side, BV Phoebes, gunmetal Sadie's, saffiano mini satchels, madison mini satchels. Lots of MFF and very crowded.
  5. I really meant to pop over the bridge and look at National Harbor's deletes, but there was an accident on or before the bridge and traffic was just stopped. I couldn't push any further and headed home - 11 hours total. I'm sorry! I will go this next week and see if there is anything good.
  6. You are amazing to do this and report!!! How totally sweet of you!!! Thank you! :woohoo::hugs:
  7. Nice of you to report! Don't exhaust yourself in the name of shopping!
  8. That was very nice of you to take the extra time to check out the outlets on your trip.

    And it sounds like traffic was killer, too.
  9. It's a nice thing to look forward to during the drive. My boyfriend is currently stationed in Augusta, GA, so I'll be making this trip at least once a month for the foreseeable future.

    But I am NEVER, EVER, driving on a weekend again. NOPE. I'm actually going to try and arrange things so my trips happen on Wednesdays around new delete times. Even though I've pretty much filled all my Coach lemmings I do like seeing what's out there.
  10. None of these outlets are anywhere remotely near me, but I just had to stop and say that this is such a nice idea! You are such a sweetie for taking the time to not only stop at the outlets, but update everyone on what you find. :flowers: I hope that you find something good the next time you make the journey and that the traffic is better!