COACH Factory Potomac Mills

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  1. Has anybody ever been to the Coach Factory at Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge, VA? Is there a good selection of the bags? It would be great if any of you have information.:smile:
  2. I think they have a very nice selection and the SAs are super helpful and friendly (but not pushy at all). I've found some nice FP deletes there. It doesn't seem they get the volume of FP deletes that Leesburg does (could be wrong about this), but they do get a decent number.
  3. You could try the Shopping subforum (which is most likely where this thread is going to go). They're pretty helpful over there, and I'm sure they will have a thread pertaining to that particular outlet. :biggrin:
  4. Hi I'm heading to Va this weekend and was interested in leesburg or woodbridge outlet, which is best for deletes and can i hit both . Im heading west from rt 81. Another question I have is what is JAX? I read that and not sure what it is or means.
  5. Jax is the warehouse in Florida (Jacksonville). Check out the Potomac Mills and Leesburg threads in this subforum, we're great girls!
  6. thanks for the info, Is Jax a place I can call for a bag I am looking for do they discount the bags and do they sell them like the outlets