Coach Factory Online

  1. I just registered on the Coach outlet on line. They say that I might be lucky and my name will be drawn and an email sent to me to make a purchace online. I think this week it is for a tote for 99.00!
    Do any of you belong to this and have you gotten in on the deals?
    Thanks in advance for your comments!
  2. I did and I got an invite to the sale a week or so ago but didn't get one for this time. I really didn't see anything I wanted but they do have some nice bags :smile:
  3. factory online always has sales...but limited designs
  4. Boy have I, so far, I've gotten a Cherry Maggie, Gathered Sofia in Midnight, Opt Art Sophia, Katrina in Paprika and Chevron Lindsey. I tend to gravitate towards the deletes since I don't live that close to an outlet.
  5. How soon after signing up do you get an invite? I signed up a while ago but haven't heard anything so far...
  6. It's hard to say I signed up several months before I got even one invite. I got frustrated and signed up with a different email address, then boom I started getting invites on a regular basis.
  7. I just signed up a couple of weeks ago and have got two invites. Of course I love it I dont know if my checkbook will love it so much. I do have invites if you want to PM me.
  8. I signed up, but not get the invite :sad:
  9. I've been getting invites for over a year now and they became more often this year, right now I'm getting an invite almost weekly. I wonder what criteria do they use for that?
  10. Is there another one going on now? have not had an invite this week.
  11. Not yet. Maybe because there's a PCE? But I'm still hoping there will be another online sale this week.
  12. The stuff in the online sale is better than the stuff in the two factories near me.
  13. I have signed up for a long time and got nothing yet. I think the people live in the city with factory store might get invitation easily.
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    Where do you sign up for the outlet online? Is this a special sign up? I do receive mail from the outlets and I did get an invite last year. I called to update my address and they said it is completely random.

    You can sign up there. Try signing up with multiple email addresses for a higher chance!