Coach factory Online Sale

  1. The mother of a friend of mine got the email for the Coach Factory Online Sale that apparently starts tomorrow. She didn't receive the email invitation for the first one last year. I received the invitation last year but didn't buy anything (which is probably the reason why I didn't receive it this time). Did anyone else get the invite?
  2. Not I
  3. nope!
  4. I didn't get anything, but never do from the outlets. Even though I've signed up online and in person a dozen times!
  5. aww, i wish i would get this invite in an email! i always get the 20% coupon emails, but never online sale ones.
  6. nothing here either :pout:
  7. nothing at all.
  8. I got an email today -- never received one last time around.
  9. If you purchase anything, please post it!
  10. Nope I never get it and most of us here seems the same.
    Funny maybe they know us TFPers and ignoring us.
  11. i did not get it last time, but my co-worker did and shared with me! i bought an MFF parker hippie which i use ALL the time for work. it's a great bag :smile: if she gets it again i am sure she will share the invite with me and my other coachie co-worker gal.....
  12. I didn't get it last time, but I got it today! I was so excited and shocked. I get all their other emails, but never this one. I will keep you guys posted if I get anything! :smile:
  13. nope
  14. I never get any of the factory emails either. One of my co-workers get the coupons all the time. I'll have to ask her if she got this.