Coach Factory Online Sale Screen Capture

  1. I still can't see...I need the style #for the Exotic Katarina . I'm going to try to call and add it to my order. Thanks for any help.
  2. They don't show the style # on the listing, style # shows only on detail product description.
  3. I just wanted to say Thanks XB! First, you are very awesome for taking the time to let other's see because I know so many of us are curious. Second, Thanks for explaining... turns out I just couldn't view it on my iphone... which was where I was trying to view it from the first time. Its just too darn handy to jump on the net with that thing that I forget it doesn't always do things that I can do from my computer.
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!! I really appreciate it!
  5. You are very welcome!
  6. You are very welcome!

    Save as PDF format is the easy way I can do to print the page out, and share on Google document. :smile:
  7. This is a great resource to have! Thank you, xbwoman! I hope some day Coach will send me an invite to one of these sales so I can see the deals myself:smile:
  8. I hate that there are some things on there that I've been looking for but I don't have access to the online factory store. Darn you Coach for teasing me so, lol.
  9. Those who have access can send invitations to those who don't. I have access to the sale in there is a send invitation link. You enter the person email address and that person an gets invite. Who ever you invite, if they make a purchase you receive a $10 credit.
  10. The person actually gets an invite to a future sale, not the current sale. And they only maybe get an invite to a future sale. It's still a lottery even though you've invited them. It's pretty crummy:sad: