Coach Factory Online Sale Discussion Thread

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  1. FYI, several friends of mine who do not reside in the US (actually in 2 different countries) just signed up for today and they were able to view today's sale immediately. Maybe it is open to everyone now?
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  2. How much is the black mini pebbled borough?
  3. Looks like 113$
  4. Earlier today I saw " deal of the hour" now it's gone I think it was a mistake. Did anyone else see it?
  5. I didn't see that But thought there was a section called deals.
  6. I saw it when I first logged on. They usually save that for the last day of the sale.
  7. I saw it too but it was for some blue bag I didn't want so didn't look at the details.
  8. I wouldn't mind that pink ruby mini crosby, but it's been "almost gone" since I logged on and found it.
  9. You could always keep trying to add it. I've had some luck in the past.
  10. is the sale still on?
    i logged on & it says that its currently closed.. though this may be because i don't have an online invite...
    really want to get my hands on one of those boroughs!
  11. Yes...should be for 4 days yet.
  12. dang.. is there any way that i can view the sale??
  13. You could try calling CS to order. What Borough? I know pebbled Camel is still available.
  14. ideally, i would like to get the two tone Borough.. if not, i suppose the black should be fine!
    do you happen to know what sizes are available?