Coach Factory Online Sale Again!

  1. Anyone else need invites?
  2. When checking out, there's a spot for a promo code... anyone have one to share? :smile:
  3. Are there promo codes for Coach Factory Online? I am about to checkout and saw a place for it so I am assuming that there are some. Anyone know how to get one?
  4. Can someone please invite me :smile:
  5. Can you invite me? Please and thank you :biggrin:
  6. I have tried several times and no invite. I even tried through a friend who had the link to share and no go. I am not sure why. I am an avid full Coach store buyer?? Anyone know?
  7. It took me about a month, an invite from a friend at a few different emails, and also signing up with several different emails. When I did get an invite, I got it at three of the emails.
  8. I have sent you an invitation. hopefully you will get it soon.
  9. i WOULD LOVE AN INVITE:smile:
  10. I would like to invite you,what is your email address?
  11. I was trying to checkout for my shopping however there was a problem that it said

    "Creditcard was declined for undetermined reason" May I know the problem?

    Does this temporary or permanent that I won't be able to puchases for future ?
  12. You could try calling them to place an order if the online system isn't accepting your card. I sometimes have problems at checkout as well.
  13. I have been buying coach factory almost a year and suddenly got this problem. does anyone ever has same problem? I would like to know if it's permanent or just temporary suspend of buying from coach factory
  14. I haven't been able to buy online for at least the past 6 sales. No matter what card I use it's declined. So frustrating.