Coach factory bag snubbed by "Real Coach" SA

  1. I am not naming names or locations but I do have to say that I am veeeeeeery surprised by the behavior and attitudes of some SAs toward factory merchandise. If you represent a company then you should stand by ALL of your products and not just those that you deem to be of higher quality (even if it is) which I am not saying that it is but if it is then why would you even give that attitude if Coach is trying to convey the attitude that you can get a quality product for less money at a different location. long story short, I bought a factory bag, carried it twice, went to Coach retail store, sa told me to buy coach leather products, used said products, ruined my bag, factory people saying that sa at retail store didn't know what she was talking about, went to both places and nobody could help me. I know that people abuse this system but I am not one of those people and deserve to not have my "factory bag" snubbed. The SA was so rude that she wouldn't even let me finish my story, cutting me off mid sentence and said "I am not familiar with those factory bags" when I tried to explain to her that it was similar to one that they had but in a color they did not carry, she then proceeded to look for another customer to help. I also buy many things at the retail store but if I didn't, I would expect to be treated with the same respect, has this or anything similar happened to anyone else ? She also said that coach was "cracking down" on returns Sorry, had to vent, I am really frustrated right now :hysteric:
  2. Has not happened to me before. That SA was just being an immature snob.

    Factory bags have the same quality as 'regular' Coach bags, just for a lesser price.
  3. That is ridiculous - I am so sorry you were treated so badly! You were given incorrect advice by an SA, and should be compensated. Period.
  4. Thank you that is what I think too but I am caught in this "catch 22 situation" nobody will listen to me or help me. I know I should just stop complaining about this already and write the damn letter but this just happened tonight while I happened to be at the store that I usually go to so I am still newly upset lol !
  5. That is so crazy! I cannot believe you were treated that way! I would call customer service and explain to them what happened. I bought a white legacy wallet and I accidently market it with a pencil and when I went into a boutique they told me to use leather cleaner and it took all of the color off!!! So I went back and the SA said they could not do anything about it, so I called customer service and they promptly sent me to another coach store that returned it and I got a full refund!
  6. Good idea. I would definitely write a letter--show the powers that be that you are serious about this and that you will be heard! That is a lousy way to treat a customer, and you should get some satisfaction.
  7. Oh, Abitzberger has the right idea! Perhaps, you can just find a Coach store that will ship your purse back and either get a full replacement or full refund for it. I hope you find some sort of compensation for all your trouble!!

    Unfortunately, I, too, have gone through this Boutique "snobbiness". Factory items are no different from the Boutique items when it comes to "Coach Quality". I had SA's from both Factory stores (in CA) and a Boutique (in CA) tell me that there are no difference between their Factory items or Boutique items - as I quote them "Coach quality is Coach quality, Coach doesn't sell 'seconds' nor anything irregular!". I agree with you, Mrs. MC, if you work for COACH, you should represent COACH - Factory and Boutique - and you should stand by any COACH product PERIOD. But I've noticed that the SA's in the Boutiques in AZ (there aren't any Coach Outlets in AZ) look down their noses at their own Factory items even though MANY items from the Boutique get transferred to their Factories eventually!
  8. Thank you everyone, Hi Jess, I even tried that and both places the outlet and the boutique , they told me that it would be a waste of time and money because "there is nothing to fix and Coach doesn't refurbish bags" even though it is their fault, that is why I feel so stuck !
  9. It's true, Coach factory merchandise is the same quality as boutique items, just less detailed. By virtue of the fact that it was ruined by poor advice given by an SA (an easy thing to do when you're new, I almost did it once), it should be replaced no questions asked. Sometimes in these situations it pays to ask for a manager.
  10. Gosh, I'm so sorry. It just doesn't make any sense to me why NO ONE would help you on this because Coach has a LIFETIME guarantee on their items - to fix anything that's broken/damaged or replace it or compensate you. It's all so strange and disappointing!
  11. YEs, and I did speak to the manager and she was the one who said the thing about nothing to be fixed. It is like the runaround when you call one place and they tell you to call this other place and then that place says it was the first place's responsiblity !
  12. oh and then the people at the factory are saying coach cleaner should only be used on white bags and the people at the boutique say this is not true
  13. How frustrating! There's cleaning instructions in one of the Coach books behind the counter that should be looked at, and (at least in the boutique bags) there's a care instruction card tucked inside, which an SA should know about and have consulted. I'd say a letter to the Coach headquarters (with names and dates if you have them) might be in order.
  14. So sorry this happed to you! That's ridiculous that the SA and manager won't correct what amounts to their own mistake! :tdown:

    Out of curiosity, and for our general knowledge, what kind of leather is on your damaged bag? And what do you mean when you say your bag is ruined?

    I'm a little scared to use cleaner on any of my bags...
  15. I think I remember your story from another thread. Is this the one that when you placed the leather cleaner/moisturizer [after an SA at a boutique told you to] it created a spot where all color came off? So that is still not resolved?