Coach Facelift!

  1. Love the way the TPF looks, it's refreshing to the eye b/c it looks so bright and "SPRINGISH"

    Thanks to those who are responsible...hats off to you:flowers:
  2. Agreed! loves great!! :smile:
  3. I second that. It is a great choice of colors just in time for spring. Very refreshing :yes: .
  4. I go to the mall, come back - and the forum looks totally different!!! :nuts:

    I really like it... I just wish there was still a line between the stickies & the threads... everything kind of blends together!! I will get used to it.:yes:
  5. ^^ agreed
  6. ^^^ I was thinking the same thing. I was sitting here all through lunch today with no TPF and I was very sad.

    So glad to see it back and with a new look!
  7. With my laptop at work it is kinda too bright, like it needs contrast but I love the new layout.
  8. I like the new layout but i don't like how you can't see your private messages thingy int he corner like you used to be able to. I also do not like how the stickies blend in with the regular topics. I have a harder time finding new topics now =(
  9. ITA about the stickies blending with the new threads, but I like the new look overall!!
  10. It looks great! What a nice surprise!!
  11. i like the color combo so beautiful
  12. OMG! The new colors are GORGEOUS! I LOVELOVELOVE the new look! :yahoo:
  13. I love the new colors as well, maybe they will still tweak a few the stickies!
  14. I love the new layout as well!
    Very springy!
    Great job!
  15. I thought I was on the wrong website! I love the new look perfect for spring!