Coach Fabric by the yard...found on ebay

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  1. check this out... The seller is selling coach fabric by the yard.. she doesn't state whether or not is authentic.


  2. I bought some,I'm making a spring dress with the big c's and drapes for my bathroom with the mini-sig !
  3. Are you serious? :shocked:
  4. Is this legal, this fabric?
  5. probably not
  6. no lol ! could you imagine !!!
  7. It is very fake ! I am sure it is left over from some sweat shop raid !
  8. I doubt it's real, it looks kind of thin in the pictures.
  9. I have seen Coach headbands on eBay. Maybe this is where they get the fabric from to make them.
  10. Ugh! This reminds me of those "ghetto" prom pics that have floated around the internet where the people made dresses, shoes, bags, suits out of Gucci and LV fabric! Soooo tacky!
  11. Yeah, there is no way Coach sells the fabric like this. This is either fake, or was removed from a real factory for counterfeit use. Some of the better counterfeit bags actually do use stolen materials. Back a year or two ago, there was a big thing about dog carriers made this way. However, I do have to agree with the looks thin to me and is probably fake.
  12. Oh gosh.. for a moment I thought you are serious!! :roflmfao::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  13. I know that is why I didn't write on my first post that I was joking, you know for dramatic effect !
  14. wt:wtf:
  15. LOL, too funny! I think you really should get some for your bathroom though! You can make some Coach drapes, a Coach shower curtain, maybe some little towels, and a mat for the floor!! :upsidedown: