Coach Eyeglasses?

  1. I currently own Coach Rx eyeglasses but I need new ones (my eyes have gotten much, much worse in the last year) and I was wondering if anyone knows where I could go to try some on. I got mine at the Macy's by my house, and I was there the other day but they only had a few pairs of the plastic frames. Does anyone know of any other places where you can actually go try them on rather than order them offline? Thank you!!! :smile:
  2. i know i asked about this in a thread a few months ago, so if you do a board search you should find it under coach optical. i believe the website was or something like that.
  3. Batgirl - you can't phyiscally TRY them on from frames direct which is what katie was asking - - all you can do is upload your pic and use their software to see what they might look like on your face.

    I know where you're coming from Katie...I just got new glasses and wanted to get coach frames...but I couldn't find any place around me that carried them....and even though frames direct has a great selection and good pricing.... I'm particular about how my frames fit my eyes....and it became apparent after trying on a few pairs at the places I looked that I could never order online without having tried them on first.

    Good luck on your quest!
  4. Thanks!! There was one pair at Macy's that I liked... but I didn't love, and I feel that's important. I love, love, love the frames I have now but they no longer carry them. Perhaps I'll have to call a larger Macy's store to see if they carry more. Trying them on is extremely important to me. I know you can find AWESOME prices online, but I'd hate to buy something and hate the way it looks on *shrug*
  5. i think you might just have to call around and see who has the most frames available- or see if they can order a few for you? or what about a lenscrafters? i've seen chanel sunnies there, don't they have coach?

    i want coach frames so bad...but i just went to the eye doctor...he was actually shocked about how bad my eyes were at 21. :shocked:
  6. we should have a club :sad: i get the same reactions from doctors... my prescription is -10.5 in one eye and -11.5 in the other :sad:
  7. my contacts are -11.50 and -12.00...i don't even bother to ask about the prescription for my glasses- no way i could ever wear them except at home, you know? but i think they're a -12 or so?
  8. yeah your glasses are usually higher than the contacts :sad:
  9. either way, i'm blind.
  10. Wow...sliding OT...but I thought my vision was bad.... I'm -9.75 and -9.5. I ended up with a SUPER cute pair of prada frames that really disguise how thick my lenses are. And I've been getting TONS of compliments since I got them. I still see better in my contacts...but we're working on ordering me new its the glasses for now.....
  11. hey can you post a picture of the glasses???
  12. yep....

    They are the Prada frame style vpr04g. I got mine in black.... my favorite part is the little black crystals on the temple. But because of how thick the frames themselves are, and the really wide temple...they disguise who thick the lenses are. Of course if you LOOK through the lenses you still see some distortion...but if my hair is down its not really that noticeable. (the super expensive high index lenses help with the thickness too of course....but they're still pretty thick even with the high index).
    Photo 112.jpg Photo 113.jpg Photo 115.jpg
  13. i cant afford high index... :sad: thanks for the pics tho those frames look hot!
  14. They high index were a good price on framesdirect...but again...I didn't go there because I needed to see them on. But Pearle had 50% off on the it ended up being $200 for the lenses.... which isn't a lot more than what I usually pay due to my prescription.....of course...this was the first time I bought $200 frames.......
  15. wow... i get my lenses for free from my insurance, but i have to pay for the frames (unless i want the ugliest frames ever invented)