Coach eye candy from japan website!!

  1. Enjoy!!!

    I love this color. I hope we get this.



    I really want this.
  2. that is a really cool color! love it!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Oh I love the wallet, great color!
  5. where is the link to the Japan site? I was trying to find it and I can't seem to locate it.
    Really nice stuff BTW!
  6. I love that silver wallet!!! I hope we get that too!
  7. Wow! I love that wallet!!
  8. That wallet is so pretty. I do hope we get it here.
  9. You can get to the Japan site from the bottom right of the US site.
  10. Love the wallet and the embossed leather hamptons!
  11. I love the is gorgeous!
  12. This beauty is priced the same as the legacy sig shoulder bag ($398 US). I hope that it's released here b/c I just may have to get this with March PCE!!!!

  13. Oh the wallet is TDF!^-^
  14. Wow I LOVE the silver trim!
  15. I love the embossed leather bag! I just might have to order that one heehee!