Coach Experts! I need help with a vintage one!

  1. I found this


    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Style #7002

    It has alacantra lining!


    I posted it in the Authenticate this thread, but really I don't think it is a fake. I really just wanted to know what year it was from. Decade? I think its really cool but I want to know just How Vintage it is...

    Mods please please please don't get mad at me for posting about this purse twice :flowers:
  2. dang i saw this on eBay last week.. it is not fake... i think it may be a madison or something like that???
  3. This is from the Grammercy Collection, which has a cross-hatching texture to the leather, Made in Italy. While the Madison was tight pebbled leather. If I recall correctly, it was from the 80's-90's? Please correct me, if someone knows the correct dates. The bag is authentic!