Coach exotic collection

  1. What do yall think of this bag? :tup: :tdown:

    Picked one up the other day and I am trying to decide if I want to use it or just sell it. I think I got it for a pretty good deal but it is one of the more expensive Coach purses and it is pretty large.

    Tell me what you think! :smile: :heart:
  2. It's cute. I personally don't really like plain bags. But the trim gives it character.

    Why do you want to sell it?

    What's it called?
  3. Ehhh, it's okay. I don't love it and probably wouldn't buy it but I don't love white.
  4. I've seen that bag at Nord Rack and it's a cool shape, but I would get that canvas so dirty!

    Are they selling for decent on eBay? If so, I would sell
  5. i love that bag i think they call the shape tortilla. not sure. i'd say keep it if you can't live without it, if not then you CAN live without it ;)
  6. I don't like the shape of the pockets on the front. If it didn't have those I might like it better.
  7. I can live without it. It really looks a lot better in person and in my opnion not as plain as it looks in the picture. There is only one other on eBay and they set the starting bid wayyyyy to high to have anyone bid on it.
  8. I love the color white and its a very pretty coach bag! Not common at all! To me, I would keep it! Its unique in a good way!!
  9. I think it's cute. If you don't mind...... what did you pay for it? I don't think I would buy it if it was high priced, there are other bags that I would rather have.
  10. I remember this bag when it came out. I think it was 2004 (I might be wrong). I personally never really care for this particular shape, but I am sure someone probably like it.
  11. i think its cute!! i looks like a great shape!!
  12. I paid less than half the original
  13. to tell you the truth. I really really love it, but white is always dangerous KWIM.
  14. I can't see the pic you posted is this it ? I got this from a google search for "coach tortilla" [​IMG]If so it is cute and kind of hoboish. I would have to see it stuffed with things to see it's shape
  15. :tdown: