Coach exchange turn around time

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  1. So I couldn't contain my excitement and wanted to add something positive about Coach Customer Service.....Ok, so I know I had a thread a while back about the color of my Lindsay (teal). Well, I just couldn't convince myself to keep the color (Please don't throw any stones at me) but I wanted to exchange it for the Espresso. Coach just received the package Jan. 28th and have ALREADY exchanged it for the Espresso and will ship it out Monday!!!!!!!! I didn't think it would be so soon because I heard it takes almost 4 weeks for them to process exchange and ship out. So, I'm totally stoked about this since I'llbe heading back home to the States at the end of February. I was afraid I would be gone before it arrived.. BUT I WONT!!! YAY!!:yahoo:
  2. Wow that's fast. I'm glad you'll have it before you leave.
  3. Great decision jlbanks. If I see a teal color at our local outlet I would buy it but I'm still keeping my espresso. Do you think the CS can give you a tracking no?
  4. You know, I didn't ask... If they do, I will have to call Monday when the lady said they'd shipped it out. Good question, I will call and ask!
  5. How exciting that you'll have your new bag much sooner than expected. I'm always so glad to hear about the good customer service stories. I've never had any negative experiences with any off my boutique's SAs, JAX etc.
  6. The espresso Lindsay is gorgeous. If thats the one you wanted, then good for you for switching it, and Im glad they were able to accommodate you so quickly! Let see pics when it arrives.
  7. The espresso Lindsay is beautiful. I saw it at the outlet awhile ago but didn't get it. It was too heavy for me. I love the style though!
  8. Yes, i love the Lindsay, I just wasn't in love with the teal. I can't wait to get the espresso!!!!!!!! so excited!
  9. Before I make another international phone call... Does anyone know if they do provide tracking?
  10. Anyone??
  11. You might try going to your boutique and see if they can call Coach or look it up somewhere in their data base. Are they shipping Fed-ex? If so, there will be a tracking number.
  12. In the past I have received an email from Coach with the tracking number in it when I have ordered something that had to be sent from Jax once the order was processed.
    If you have an email address on file with Coach I would check your emails inbox before making the international phonecall........
  13. Thanks, I did give them my email, so hopefully they will email me!
  14. Wow that is great congrats. it is so nice to hear that they are getting the bag to you in time that rocks. I am glad that it ended up working out for you I love my teal even though I have nothing really to wear with it.

  15. you don't use vonage? that's what we have and we're able to make calls to the US, like we're in the US. LOL