COACH....EVERYWHERE!!! A little disappointed & frustrated

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  1. Okay, DH and I went out on the town last night with a bunch of our friends to a kind of "city-wide PARTY" called Fiesta/N.I.O.S.A. (y'all may not know what I'm talking about) There are tens of thousands of people coming and going at this thing. we were walking along and hanging out I could not help but notice how many Coach (signature) bags/wristlets/etc. there were... (a ton of swing packs, hobos, demis, and more wristlets than you could shake a stick at!!) they were EVERYWHERE!!! I have to say I was almost disappointed like....hmmmm, I don't want to be just another person carrying Coach - does that make sense? I like people to say/think: "wow, nice/cute/pretty.. bag!!" (I felt good carrying my Michael Kors demi w/Coach LIPS Charm hanging on it!!) It almost makes me want to steer clear of the classic signature patterned items from now on. :sad: I did also notice a few cute, and DIFFERENT bags that stood out and I thought "AH, Cute...and DIFFERENT". I did see a SUPER CUTE Denim Patchwork Hobo - SOOOOO CUTE!
    I also saw a couple of girls carrying their really NICE and BIG Coach bags...why would you carry a nice, big bag to (what is basically) a huge "block party"?!!?
    Has anyone else noticed just a TON of Coach bags around your town lately, or am I just noticing more of them now that I am INTO them and have my eye out?
    I'll tell you what...I do LOVE the Signature styles - I think they (as someone else's post said) "scream Coach", but I think from now on I'd like to stick with more "unique" styles: I have not seen anyone (so far) carrying my Legacy Blk/Kh/Eb Shoulder Zip. I've only seen ONE Denim Carly (the lady at the GYM?!?!? carrying her Large one). I also like the classic, leather styles...which brings me to one question:
    should I stick with the Denim Carly or try to get an all leather one?!!?/ Do you think the Carly Denim pattern/fabric will stick around (style-wise) for years to come or is it a fad/trend?!?!?
  2. I think it will stick around. I felt the way you did about a month ago when I walked into a Macy's here. No kidding, I spotted about 20 signature bags, even one that I was carrying at the time! I could have carried my black leather hobo but I saw a woman wearing that too! I'll just chalk it up to people having great style like me. :biggrin: And I don't think it's a fad because Coach continues to make changes to even the signature bags, such as making the C's bigger or different colors. I love signature. :biggrin:
  3. :yahoo: You're in San Antonio!!! Hell, yeah, I know what you're talking about... my old stomping grounds and I miss it so much sometimes... :sad: NIOSA... sigh... so many good memories. :yes:

    My family is still there. I go back a few times a year. I have noticed the last few times I've been home I DO see a ton of Coach bags -- but I also think you notice them more when you are interested in the bags. Kind of like when you buy a car and suddenly it seems like everybody has it.

    I live in a rural area now and rarely see Coach bags. Of the few I have seen -- the real ones are on the teenagers and the fake ones are on the adults. Go figure. Same with LV -- I know of one other woman who has real LV bags and a few teens... all the rest are fake, fake, fake.

    Enjoy NIOSA!!!!! :drinks:
  4. I do notice a lot of Coach bags around here. But after finding this site and seeing them, I realize that a lot of them are fake! One of the nurses at the hospital had one of those god-awful patchworks that are patchwork on one side and all black signature on the other side. And I've seen a few of those ugly bags with C-O-A-C-H spelled out with those plastic letters. A lot are real though, too. I think it's like Wildflower said, you notice more when you are more interested in the bag. And also as she said, the same thing has happened since I got my new car a few weeks ago - I see a ton of them. I'm sure not everybody decided to buy a Chevy Cobalt a couple weeks ago like I did ;)

    But I have not seen anyone with my pond shoulder bag yet (or any Legacy bag for that matter). Almost all signature. So I feel kind of special in that way :yahoo:
  5. OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what I'm talking about, then! :party: It's still as CRAZY as ever!
    I do agree with you about noticing more of something when it's something you are interested in.
    That's too weird about the young kids carrying authentics and adults carrying fakes. What's up with that?!?! I did notice a few fakes, but most of them looked real.
  6. OT: I want a Cobalt too! I have an Eclipse but it keeps scraping against parking stops. Is it low in the front?
  7. When I go up to Chicago to go shopping I see Coach bags EVERYWHERE - a year ago I was carrying my silver Chelsea hobo at a time when hobos had just hit the outlets, I think, and I swear, it was like a sea of Chelsea hobos. I had the only silver one (I got it at the outlet too!), but still, it was ridiculous. I actually sold it after I got home because I was simply tired of owning the bag that everyone else in the world owned (it was a lil too small for me too). In my area a lot of women do have Coach bags, but mostly signature satchels, so I stay away from those styles. Carlys are getting big too, but I like Carlys so I don't mind. On campus Coach wristlets are popular, but I see more girls with Juicy-style bags than Coachs.
  8. I completely understand your feelings on this! Since I started noticing Coach a few months ago, it seems like EVERYONE is carrying it. I go to college and I substitute teach and it seems like every girl at my college, and many in the middle school are carrying Coach. Some are fake but for the most part they are real-the most fakes ones I've seen are carried by the teachers, ugh!

    So I started rethinking my Coach love but then I thought...duh! I buy Coach because I like it, why should I not buy it just because other people do? But I still have yet to purchase any signature pieces and I think this is an unconscious rebellion on my part to not look like everyone else since most bags I see are signature.
  9. I agree...the Legacy's do seem to be more "rare". Dillards has a Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag - one Black and one White. I was SOOOOOOO tempted to get that instead of the Denim Carly, but what I really want is the ALI. They didn't have any though. If they had, I woulda been all over that in a heartbeat!!!! Someday she will come to me :girlsigh:
  10. My Macy's still has the shoulder bag in black and I'm thinking I may buy it this week at F&F (if no one beats me to it, lol). They also had a black Ali which was tempting. But I'm also loving that denim Carly...gah, I just don't know!
  11. I feel the same way...I LOVE COACH and seeing lots of it around does not make me NOT want to buy it, but it does make me think more when I decide to buy one - like, is this one EVERYONE ELSE will be carrying?!?! I don't want to be just one of the crowd.

    Ooooh...if my Macys( or ANYSTORE here) had an Ali, I'd JUMP ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool::heart::drool: Hmmmm....maybe I'll go mall-hopping today and see if I can hunt one down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho:
  12. It doesn't really bother me, I'm in college and a lot of girls have them, but I haven't seen a single person with my Carly demi yet!!

    You know what I actually see a lot of...I bought a cute black tote from Old Navy and everybody and their mother has it at school! I actually stopped carrying THAT because I was sick of seeing everybody with it. Not sick of the bag, just sick of seeing it on everybody. When I would look at mine on me, it just didn't have that cute thrill to it anymore.
  13. Oh and I forgot to mention, I think I'm the only one with the Watercolor wristlet, too. So far at least. One of the girls in my class works at Coach and she fell in love with it when she saw it on me the other day. She said she hasn't seen any of them around school at all. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll STAY that way.
  14. We have a very large Coach outlet and several universities in our area, so it seems like Coach bags are everywhere! I notice it is the signature line the most, and I must say that it has discouraged me at times from carrying my large sig braided hobo even though I love it.

    My favorite is still Legacy, and I think I'm going to stick with that line because I don't see it on other people nearly as much. Plus, I think the Ergo and other styles will be more unique as well.

    That said, I REALLY love the new cotton Carlys...
  15. I haven't had any problems with it scraping yet.

    I love my Cobalt :yahoo: