Coach Essentials !

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  1. My essentials include a great shoulder bag, satchel, and a tote. A good wallet and wristlet. I would build from there. Which bags you actually choose depend on your budget and lifestyle.
  2. Anything from the Legacy line!
  3. How could I forget the perfume!!?? I'm wearing it everyday and love it! Anytime I put it on, my 4yr old DD wants me to rub my arms on her arms. That way she can wear it, too :heart:
  4. A simple classic leather bag is essential. Wristlets and miny skinnys also.
  5. I've found that the baby bags are quite excellent travel or work totes, as well as bookbags. The thicker straps and additional padding (minimal as it may be) make it far more comfortable loaded up than the average tote. I'd consider mine an essential. Three years later and thousands of miles, it still looks to be in new condition.

    A medium brown or black leather purse, likely a hobo, is also a classic addition for any outfit and works in a business setting.
  6. Essentials:

    A black LEATHER bag, a brown LEATHER bag (to flatter your body shape and your personal style)

    Some signature pieces that you ADORE

    A really fun straw bag for summer

    A few colorful bags in your favorite colors.

    One or two larger bags that can be used as purses/totes.

    A day/vacation wristlet
    A night/dressy wristlet

    A few mini skinnies to match everything above

    A few charms/scarfs to match everything above

    Maybe a few other random accessories that you adore.

    Presto. You have your essentials! :yes:
  7. i'm a leather lover...

    my pics:

    large leather carly, large ergo tote, ali, and a sig shoulder tote
  8. white duffle
    camel ergo
    black carly
    red patent hobo
    legacy stripe wristlet