Coach Essentials !

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  1. My essentials are all ALI's and a necessary large Ergo tote, legacy accessory French purse and wristlet.
  2. the essential accessories:
    wristlet and mini skinny

    the essential bag:
    something in signature that flaters your body type
  3. geez... hard to pick just a few things but...
    My gallery tote in black (stays nice and clean) with my signature soho checkbook wallet, a brightly colored ponytail scarve to tie on to the handle (probably the hamptons watercolor or legacy stripe) and my pink signature 3x5 agenda. Without these everyday items, I would be LOST!!

    Of course, in the summer, I would have to switch up the tote to my Poppy and then swap out the ponytail scarve for my initial charm.
  4. here's a pic of the above (just for fun) lol
  5. Whatever fits your personal style and bears the name "Coach" should be part of everyone's collection. :smile:
  6. I think I have the best basics for my personal taste. 4 items - a great black leather tote to use as a briefcase, a black leather bag, a brown leather bag and a signature carly to be fun. Thats all I really need. Granted I have some extras - keyfobs, scarves, charms, wristlet, wallet...but they aren't essential items.
  7. Legacy Shoulder Bag, Gallery Tote, Signature Stripe Tote and an evening bag like a zoe clutch or a Madison Lurex flap purse.
  8. a legacy shoulder, an ergo tote, a soho small flap, and a cute wristlet
  9. oh and a carly!
  10. I think you should have a brown bag, a black bag, & a summer bag. Make one leather, make one signature, make the summer bag a plain bag and dress it up w/ a colorful scarf and a charm. Have a wristlet or demi for going out/special occasions.
    That's just basics. Do I listen to myself, no.. :P
  11. These are all great ideas ! I am trying to figure out what to get in the fall. Maybe I will get something in brown. I have a black signature bag and a blue leather hobo so maybe something in khaki sig or brown/whiskey leather, thank you !
  12. I have more general "must" suggestions. I'd say any bag from the Legacy collection, a tote style bag, a hobo, and then another of someone's choosing. Those styles are pretty basic, and you can't go wrong with them. As for colors, I'd say one black, one brown, one either white or signature (if you like signature, some people don't), and then one bright colored one for fun and interest. :smile:
  13. A demi, wristlet, or clutch for going out...anything from the legacy line just because...a soho signature hobo or flap for lightweight days...a swingpack for travel or shopping...a medium to large bag that can hold a lot without being bulky (like a Carly, gallery tote, or multifunction tote) for daily use...and accessories of course!!
  14. How did I forget my other essentials! I also need and use everyday:
    my 3x5 khaki and gold agenda
    punch stripe beauty case
    mini skinny
    and my coach perfume:tup: o.k. thats better:yes:
  15. I'm currently building my collection, and there are still a few essentials that I need! Here's my list of must-have bags:

    1 black leather (have this)
    1 white leather (have this)
    1 red bag (need this)
    1 signature bag (have this)
    1 brown/tan leather (need this)
    2-3 wristlets for organization (need these)
    1 swing pack (need this)
    1-2 brightly colored bags for weekend and casual (need these)

    Slowly, but surely!!