Coach Essentials !

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  1. I was thinking that it would be cool to see what people thought would be essential coach pieces to have in a collection. Either specific bags or in general. For example if you were only going to carry Coach, and could only have 4 pieces , 1 for each season (I know the horror ! ) what would those bags be. This would be helpful to someone who wants to build a basic collection and isn't into buying and selling frequently to have an "it" bag, thanks
  2. A Legacy leather satchel is a must! I'd say in whiskey or brown because it's so versatile :yes:
  3. A signature Carly and matching wallet!
  4. I vote legacy shoulder bag as a great basic piece
  5. as long as you have a mini skinny, you're good! hehe.
  6. I agree ... legacy shoulder bag is an important piece.
  7. For me, it would be a Legacy Satchel, a Legacy shoulder, Legacy leather framed slim envelope wallet, and a nice charm/keychain to accessorize!
  8. I think a khaki/chestnut tote, black leather hobo or tote, white leather bag and a tan leather bag would be essential.
  9. I am glad you started this thread. I have been trying to figure out what would be the most basic items. I have a whiskey Mandy, black leather carryall, but what should I get next? I need a white bag and I also want an Ergo tote. So maybe I can get suggestions from your thread. Love the Legacy shoulder, but the strap is too short, I feel like it is right under my armpit. Maybe as it softens it will slouch some, not sure.
  10. Ali in brown or whiskey. Hampton's satchel in black. Ergo tote in turquoise. White Legacy slim tote. Plus accessories.
  11. An Ali, a Carly, and a carryall.
  12. Mandy or Ali in Whiskey or Natural...Black sig Carly...Khaki sig gallery tote...Watercolor around skinny...and you're set to go!
  13. OH...and at least one demi or wristlet for those nights out!
  14. I would be lost without my demi, cell phone lanyard and my mini skinny.
  15. I would say a wristlet, a multipurpose tote, any signature bag, and a black or brown leather bag are essentials!