Coach Ergo Sig Crossbody vs. Swingpack

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  1. How big is the ergo crossbody compared to the swingpack? which do yo prefer? how much can you fit in there? modeling pics would be greatly appreciated =] TIA
  2. i dont have the ergo xbody, but i love the swinpack i just bought. i think they serve v different purposes. for me, swingpack is great for when i really only need wallet, phone, keys and lipgloss. or i use it when i m bringing a big tote and want a small purse as well. the ergo xbody is much bigger, more like a big purse w a long strap. it just depends on ur needs i guess
  3. Love my Swingpacks. I have three and one is the new Legacy which holds a little more with that front pocket. Perfect for travel.