coach ergo scarf print or signature

  1. hi all
    I am new to the purse forum. I have been enjoyed coach pieces for years. please welcome me to the coach forum. I need an opinion. I have seen the coach ergo tote in scarf print and also in signature. I wonder if anyone have these, and which one do you guys like better. The scarfprint looks very refreshing and chic-looking, i'm just afraid of the white leather bottom, it's hard to keep clean. The black signature one would go with any outfit. any opinion? does anyone know if there is a sale on these at department store or somewhere?thanks
  2. I scarf print is already at the outlets, but I would go with the signature. As you said it will go with anything and can be carried all year long. The oulets also have the leather ergos in turquoise available.
  3. Where are my manners? I forgot to welcome you to the forum.

    Welcome, you have joined a great place to discuss handbags. :tpfrox:
  4. Hi and welcome!
    I would go with the signature print. I do have the scarf print and it is a bit hard to keep clean. Sig. looks great with everything!
  5. the signature is much more classic, and like the others said, it can be used year round

    the scarf print is very summery to me, and I stay away from white purses like the plague

    welcome to tpf
  6. I looked at the scarf print tote at an outlet a few months ago (it was a return) and it was beautiful but it would definitely be hard to keep clean. The one I looked at was already getting a bit grubby.

    I'm a huge fan of black signature anything. I use my black sig Mandy in the rain, throw it around in the car, etc, and never worry about it getting dirty. Plus, the signature fabric is light-weight, water and stain resistant (which you wouldn't have to worry about with it being black, but it's nice to know), and it looks really elegant. The signature is so subtle in black as compared to khaki (I like khaki sig, too, but sometimes find it too overpowering in a larger bag).

    I really love the Ergo tote (I've got a turquoise leather one) and in black signature, it would be close to being a perfect bag....uh oh....I'm starting to really want one now :graucho:.

    Let us know what you decide on. And welcome to the forum!
  7. welcome to tpf
    i would keep the signature . the fabric on the scarf would probably get dirty very easily. i have a white leather ergo and am not as paranoid about it. the sig would be great year long...
  8. hi all
    thanks for the warm welcome. I have been on eBay purse board for a while and recently discovered the purse forum, i have so much enjoying reading the posts here.
    thanks for your input on the ergo. I am leaning toward the signature one too. Some of you already own a ergo, is that a good size. I really do not want a small bag any more but do not want a huge bag either. thanks
  9. The size is perfect.
  10. I am in Ergo heaven! I have all medium sized: Black Signature Hobo, White Leather Hobos, and a Scarf Tote. The white and scarf were outlet buys.

    I can say so far, the scarf is more delicate, but my problem hasn't been with dirt, but with scuffing / scratching the scarf material. I carry it when i know I'm not going to be "in public" like a mall. Otherwise, like Court811 said - it's very nice for summer. Same for the White hobo - this is for busy days.

    The Black one is my "go to" bag - works with all outfits, work, fun, shopping, and is lightweight and comfy. I'm loving them so much I am considering getting a black leather tote (hoping for an appearance at an outlet soon!)

    Overall, The black is more functional and will last a long time. if you're not worried about longevity, then go with a fun trendy scarf print.

    Welcome! I'm somewhat new as well, and have had a blast on this site! Everyone is really great.