coach ergo red patent hobo

  1. just saw this bag irl and i'm having it held until tomorrow...what a gorgeous bag! do any of you have it? what do you think about it? the color is just beautiful and very rich and the bag looks to be very neutral and would put a "punch" into any, if any of you have this bag, let me know what you think!
  2. If you do a search of the forum, I think you'll find that tpfers own a disproportionate percentage of the red patent ergo hobos that were sold.

    I have one, as well as the mahogany tote. I'll reach for the red hobo in a heartbeat. I love it, and it was my true impulse buy of the century (ok, it matches my new car, ok?). It holds everything, and is sooo lightweight.

    I actually carried it today. :smile:
  3. I had ordered it and it just came in today, I love it so roomy and all!
  4. Can't wait to see your pics! I love the red ergo.
  5. I have one and love it. It's gorgeous, lighweight, goes with anything. It's the best bag ever. I also have the black one and love it.
  6. I have one and it's my favorite purse of any designer ever, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, it holds a ton, so easy to keep clean and its very lightweight, I'm received a ton of compliments

    if you click on the collection link in my signature it links to the thread with pics incl modeling pics

    you should TOTALLY get one
  7. Run, don't walk, and get that bag!! I love mine and if anyone tried to take it from me I would bite them! :amazed:
    (Tell Kallison's crazy keyfob to stop staring at me!)
  8. I just got mine TODAY!!! If you want one, you'd better get on it, though...they're selling out very quickly. My store had to sell me the display, because there aren't any more in JAX.

    I absolutely adore's definitely my new favorite. It slouches exactly right, it holds a ton, and it's the most beautiful shade of red! I'm with'd have to pry mine out of my cold, dead hands if you wanted to take it away from me.
  9. Congrats twosirius! I feel the same way, a keeper for sure!
  10. I love mine! Go for it!
  11. My SA who sold it to me today said that corporate told her to use Windex to clean it. Apparently works like a charm...can you get any more low-maintenance than Windex?!
  12. Windex??? You're kidding!

    Wow, talk about the anti-Legacy leather!
  13. I know, Starletta8...I had to get her to repeat herself, because I was POSITIVE I hadn't heard her right the first time. Windex!!

    But wow. Such an amazingly gorgeous bag AND it wipes clean with basically no effort whatsoever? You don't come across the best of both worlds every day, but this bag sure has it!
  14. Windex? :wtf: What about a damp cloth? That's what I use on mine and they good look as good as new!
  15. I usually use baby wipes on my bags, but I'm still in shock over windex.

    I'd be afraid about the grain in the leather, personally.