Coach ERGO Plum Leather Belted LARGE Tote 11265

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  1. I think it's a different purple, but OMG This bag is freaking gorgeous!!!! WHY WHY do I have to look at these things!!!!!
  2. Ok, so for me, this bag reminds me of a show choir outfit of a group that was at our high school when I was going there!

    It was that color of purple with silver sparkly's everywhere! I love it!!!
  3. I think this is the plum that has been out since September and is now supposed to be going to the outlets. I think that it is just the fact that it was photographed outside that is making it look much brighter than it is IRL.
  4. This is not new, it's been out for a while and it's hitting the outlets as we speak.
  5. oh okay i was just letting you all know what I found .. I wasnt sure
  6. Yes I think it's the same plum we've seen too:yes:

  7. I kinda hope its the same purple! I love the shade thats showing in those pics and I would be heart broken if it is different than my belted plum ergo i just bought....

    i'm going to bet that its the same purple. I tool some pics at home and have seen some here on TPF where it looks more purple. So i bet its just the lighting/camera...

    I want more good purple though! Like the color of my font!!!

  8. It's the same plum you have, dont worry!!!! Take your bag outside in the sunlight and see the color shine!!!! My tobacco belted ergo looks TOTALLY different in the sunlight than it does in my house!!!! These ergo leathers are AMAZING!!!! So gorgeous!!! :smile::yes:
  9. Yup, I have this bag but in the medium hobo version and its the same plum. It is a gorgeous shade, I promise!!!
  10. This Ergo plum tote is totally gorgeous! It's lightweight too.
    I love the Ergo Collection!
  11. This is the same plum tote that I got at the outlet, and it just amazingly gorgeous! Thank you for posting such a beautiful picture of it...the one I posted didn't do it justice; this is much better!
  12. Hi!
    So true, this bag is beautiful, but Im going to have to close this thread and have you place you e-bay find in the e-bay finds thread.

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