Coach Ergo Patent Hobo - Mahogany

  1. Hi everyone!

    This is my first Coach subforum post. Whoo-hoo! :wlae:Anyway, I am going to purchase my first Coach in almost two years - the Ergo Patent Hobo in Mahogany. I combed through the threads and read that a lot of you have the red version. I was wondering if anyone here has purchased the Mahogany and what your impressions are of that color. I haven't seen it in person - I'm going to pick it up after work today. Also, do you think it's too large for someone who is barely 5'3" on a good day? I'm used to larger bags (heavy in my current rotation are the YSL Downtown and Jimmy Choo Ramona), but wanted something for a lighter day.

    Thanks for your impressions in advance! :yes:
  2. You will love the bag. I have the Mahogany...its a rich brown and goes with everything. You can carry alot in the bag and its not heavy. The bag is big, but doesn't look big on at holds alot.

    Good luck.
  3. I am a huge fan of Mahogany/Bordeaux/Grenet, etc. I think these deep colors are so versatile. Me think you should go for it!!
  4. I own the Mahogany Ergo Patent Hobo. That bag is TDF. It truly is an exceptional bag and is one of the few bags you can wear in rainy weather. The water just beads off the bag and the shine on the mahogany is amazing. Get this bag, you will love it so! See my pictures below of my Ergo.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Thanks for the responses so far! The bag sounds really great.

    I have another question...DC can get extremely you guys think the patent will be "icky" in humid weather?
  6. We have the same weather here in NYC and I have had no problems at all and I have been wearing this bag in rainy, humid and muggy conditions all of July. There is no ickiness to this bag. Coach made this product right.
  7. Liz: which size is this and style number? I LOVE this's gorgeous on you..I think I saw it in my boutique but I wasnt sure and I had BOTH kids w/ me, so I couldnt really STOP and LOOK!!! LOL...thanks in advance!
  8. This is style No. 11009 and it retails for $458. The measurements are 20" long, 13" high and 6" wide. This bag is great!
  9. SuLi,

    It is gorgeous in person--I love it for fall!!! Hope that you enjoy carrying it!!
  10. Thanks, Liz! This IS the one I tried on in my boutique and fell in love w/!!!! Now I just have to decide b/w this one OR the Carly!!!! TOUGH decision on my hands!!! Thanks so much, again!
  11. I leave in MD and work in Chevy Chase. The bag is not sicky...the patent is soft.
  12. I am saving for this bag in black & a khaki carly. I'm hoping to hold out until Sept., but I have 2 check the availability of the bag.
  13. I have the black and love it. The mahogany is a very deep almost black color and is just as gorgeous.
  14. Absolutely yummy...great choice!
  15. I got the bag last night, and it's gorgeous! Unfortunately, I won't be posting pics for a few days - immediately after I purchased the bag, I went to get a hair cut and it was traumatic and I am still trying to get used it.