Coach Ergo Patchwork Hobo

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  1. First I want to say hello and thank you for this incredible forum. I've always felt no one really understood my Coach obsession, but now I have a safe haven where people understand me. ;)

    And now I want to ask about the Ergo Patchwork bags. When I saw this bag I knew I had to own it.:heart: The small hobo was one of my purchases from the PCE. I love it, but am now afraid to use it. Some of the fabrics seem so delicate and "snaggable" for lack of a better term. I'm really hard on my bags, which is why I usually always get leather. Can anyone tell me if this is a high maintenance bag? I have a few other material bags and I believe most (if not all) are still in my closet with price tags because I'm worried about ruining them. I sure don't want this to happen with my patchwork. :nogood:
  2. Welcome! My pw is from the outlet last summer and I had a couple of suede patches that got a little dingy but I used some appleguard suede cleaner on them and they look pretty good now. The new one seems to have darker colors so you may not have any problems. Good luck, its a cute bag!
  3. It's not so much the suede I'm worried about as the softer "silkier" type fabrics that I think may be prone to snagging. Even with regular manicures I've always got a rough-edged nail on one on my fingers.:rolleyes:
  4. ive carried my patchwork carly quite a bit and so far its held up pretty well there is no dirt on the silky parts and no spots on the suede either !

    so i say go for it :biggrin: