Coach ergo hobo question/comparison

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  1. Hi everyone. A couple of months ago I looked at the large coach ergo pebbled leather at my local coach store and found it too heavy for me ( Ihave a bad/severe back-shoulder injury). I got the signature large ergo hobo which I love and find very lightweight. My question is this-I see on ebay some black smooth leather large ergo hobos, I believe from last season, and I wonder if the smooth or regular leather is significantly lighter than the pebbled leather or is it about the same? Thanks for all help in advance!
  2. Oh, and also I forgot to ask, is the patent leather any lighter than the other leathers?
  3. I think the burnished leather from '07 is lighter. I have the large patent ones and they are the lightest IMO.
  4. I don't know about pebbled leather but I have the large (or is it XL, it's huge) smooth black leather belted ergo hobo and it is not heavy at all! It is really light weight. I love it.
  5. Thank you for the replies so far. Now, not to be a pain but can I ask one more question on the subject. Are ALL the leathers including patent, pebbled, smooth etc. significantly heavier than the signature fabric? I can't find the ergo hobos in the coach store near me anymore to "try them on" so I would be considering buying one on ebay, that is why I need your opinions. Thanks again for any replies!
  6. I actually think my Patent hobo is lighter than my Signature one. I have 4. One burnished.. one sig.. a two patent.. and a medium patent that is going up for sale.

    When my DD wakes up from her nap I will compare for you.
  7. Taralindsey, did you get a chance to compare? I am desperate for your opinion. Thanks and sorry to be a pain!
  8. I have shoulder issues too. I found the patent to be the lightest then the signature then smooth leather and finally the pebbled leather. I hope that helps.
  9. Yes, thank you! Now I'm on the hunt for a large black patent leather hobo on ebay!
  10. I was trying on a bunch of Ergos at Bloomies last weekend and the patent was definately the lightest - they are very lightweight.