Coach Ergo hobo: black patent or matte leather

  1. Hello:

    To those Ergo fans out there: I need your opinion on the large Ergo hobo bag. Do you like it better in the regular black leather or the black patent?
    I got the black patent over the weekend, but I am wondering if the regular leather bag will be more useful/have more longevity? I like the fact that the patent is supposedly limited edition, but can't help but wondering if the regular leather is less trendy and more classic? What do you all think?
  2. Personally I'm not a fan of patent. Coach's patent is at least more classy looking than most that I've seen. I would go for the matte leather though. You're right about the longevity. Patent, I feel, is more of a trendy thing that comes along every couple years. Leather never goes out of style. Unless you're in PETA.
  3. I would have to agree with Stophle. The matte leather is classic and timeless. It looks right no matter the year or the season.
  4. i totally agree with the above, im not a huge fan of patent i feel its not so every day or long term useful :smile: so i would go with the reg leather, the leather used for the ergo line is SO amazing! :smile:
  5. Agree. The black leather is timeless, classy and long lasting :smile:
  6. I'm going to take the other side. Why not keep the patent? Coach has tons of bags available in their great leather and few choices in patent. As for the longevity, and speaking from my experience and old age, :p, patent will never truly be gone from a stylish wardrobe either.

    I would keep the patent.
  7. Ditto the regular, timeless leather. :yes:
  8. Grace:

    I have the same problem. I have three Ergo Hobos and can and only should keep two of them. I have the Vintage Vachetta Hobo, Ergo Large Turquoise Hobo and the Red Patent. The Vachetta leather is staying for sure, I just need to decide on the Ergo Hobo color version (turquoise leather or red patent). Please help me decide on this one. This is a hard one.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  9. I am going to side with regular leather too. I had to take my patent ergo back because I saw some scratches on the clear coating of the leather when I looked closely at home. I was afraid the scratches will get bigger as I use it. Besides, patent ergo hangs down lower and the corners of the bag look goofy when I put all my stuff in it. IMO, the regular leather will last you longer and it's more sturdy.

    Please update us with your decision :smile:

  10. oh... Liz... Red patent is unique... and that Turq color is fabulous... Can you try putting all your stuff in both of the bags and see how they hang? Perhaps post some pics of you modeling them. Also, please examine closely at the patent leather to see if there are scratches like I mentioned... I really like patent leather, but I just couldn't keep it.
  11. I really like the patent. There will always be new styles in black leather but who knows how long the patent will be around.
  12. It depends on the intended use for the bag. If you have an everyday black bag and want something with a little more interest, then keep the patent. But if you are looking for something to use daily, then go with the regular leather.

    Liz, that is a really tough decision! I adore both the turquise and the red patent!
  13. I'm going to say patent!

    While patent may come in and out of fashion, it always returns!! It's shiny and gorgeous !!
  14. I would def def keep the turquoise over the patent I love the color and the leather is amazing!!!

    So kiuty you didn't overall like the patent? Did u exhcange for an unscratched one? Or..
  15. Bessie, it's very hard to "just return" stuff to Coach without walking out of the store with something. I had to take this beauty home with me when I parted with the patent ergo. I am trying to give her a name... "Legacy Slim Tote" just doesn't suit her... I think I might call her Sweet Sunshine. LOL (I like naming my stuff... I named my car Cookie)