Coach ergo convertible tote

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  1. OMG im in love with this bag!! But i couldnt find it in the website!!
    I really want this bag!! Is it has been discontinued or something?
    Anybody haf this bag? If yes which color? Do you like this bag? Any pic of the bag or modelling pic?
    I really likethis bag after i saw Mandy Moore carrying this bag!! It looks so great! Btw how much is this bag?

    I notice the price of the bags in is lower compare to the price in my local coach store...
    Is the price excluding tax?
    Im really in love with Coach!!! >_<
  2. omg that is such a beautiful bag!! i didnt know they haf that in purple! its gorgeous!! which one do u use more. purple or black?
    do u use the long strap?
    u r so lucky u haf two!!
  3. Sorry, I don't own this style bag. You can PM the OP on that thread and she'll be able to give you more details. Good luck!
  4. OP- if you can't find it at the outlet, I remember that there are supposed to be bags that have this convertible style in the new spring line. I don't know if most of the detailing will be the same, but it has the same handle and shape.
  5. I just got this bag in gold about 2 1/2 weeks ago, I LOVE it. It was $139.99 +tax at the outlet.
  6. I got mine from the outlet, but the magenta has a tendency to bleed. The first one I got had a small rubbed off place I didn't notice, and I think someone actually ruined a shirt with it. I would make sure if you buy this color to condition and spray it really thoroughly. Hopefully that will bond the dye a bit better!
  7. Oh, and they are a great price at the outlet...$140!
  8. There was a gold one at Jeffersonville over the weekend.
  9. I have the white one the # is 12250 wish it came in silver tooo :sad:
  10. Yes, it's supposed to be part of the Bonnie line.
  11. Oh yeah it's TDF! I carried the magenta yesterday and love the lightness of the bag. I used the handles then when I was shopping used the strap crossbody. It's beautiful. I appled it too and it's so nice and shiny and gorgeous!! $140 at the outlets. It's been there about 2 weeks now. I've seen magenta, mahogany and gold. Good luck!! It's my fav at the moment!! Just started carrying her yesterday.

    After I saw bagap's thread I was on a hunt!! Thanks bagap!! :smile:
  12. A question for those "in the know"...They came out w/these totes much earlier in white, orange and black w/the tattersall lining. Has anyone EVER seen those at the outlets?? It's like they just disappeared off the website and were replace by the mahogany, magenta, and gold, none of which have the tat lining. I got the mahogany at the outlets, because I had just looked at them at the boutique and wanted one, but wouldn't pay the price even w/PCE...Love the bag, tho! Good luck finding one.
  13. I have not seen those other colors with the tattersall lining at the Outlets but saw an orange one on *bay once. I need it!! One of my fav colors next to teal. haha..