Coach Ergo Belted Magazine Tote...

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just ordered the Coach Ergo Belted Magazine tote in Plum...sight unseen. None of the Coach stores in my local area had the tote.

    Has anyone seen this IRL and if so, can anyone tell me about it? I hope I didn't make the wrong choice. I was debating between the Tobacco and Plum, but was not thrilled with how the Tobacco leather seemed to scratch (or show scratches) more easily. I was hoping that the Plum was neutral enough to wear with brown and navy. I love that it's a "flat" tote.

    Here's the linke from the site for a picture:
  2. Kimberly, a fellow tPFer, recently posted some pics of her new belted hobo. Here is the thread for some pics: I haven't had the pleasure of seeing it IRL either but am hoping that it's just as gorgeous as the pics b/c I want the same hobo as Kimberly got - purple is my fav color!! I hope you like your tote when it arrives!
  3. ooooohhh it looks very pretty online, you'll definitely have to post pics when you get it
  4. Yeah, on the website the plum color is gorgeous.
  5. I have seen it IRL and you made an excellent decision. The bag is beautiful and I really think that you are going to love it.