Coach Ergo availablitity

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  1. I just recently became facinated with good quality bags. I love the Coach designs and have started my Coach Wish List.

    I am in search of the Coach Ergo bag w/ the Legacy lining. I believe the ID# is 11640 & color I want is dark tan (not patent leather, though).

    I think this style is the larger type bag. I saw a lady with one while shopping and immediately began searching online for the bag.

    I can't however locate this particular bag. I've checked, I've called the outlet malls and nothing.

    Is this specific style no longer produced... or in a perfect world can I call up Coach and request one be made? I wish right!

    thanks for your help
  2. These come up on ebay periodically. Right now there is not one in the color your want.
  3. This is the bucket style Ergo with the 2 handles right? They had all kinds of different Ergo's when I was at the Jeffersonville OH outlet the other day. You could call and ask them.
  4. I returned a black leather Ergo (bucket style with 2 handles) to the Leesburg outlet a week ago - don't know if it's been put out or sold yet though.
  5. Your best bet maybe Ebay.
  6. The one I've been seeing most is the mahogany which is like a chocolate color, but not patent. Maybe you could try that color instead?
  7. "...bucket style Ergo with the 2 handles right"
    Yes, Yes! That's the style I want.

    I called Coach customer service this morning and the rep told me they are sold out of the Ergo #11640, it's no longer produced. I wanted to cry! I have no idea why I didn't start my search last summer.

    This message board is great! I clicked the ebay link that was provided above, That is the purse I want. I love big bags. I am not fond of the color though, but I want that exact bag.

    This may be a no-no, but do you think I could dye the bag a darker brown? A friend of mine opted to dye her Dooney bag a darker color navy (orginally it was tan). I couldn't even tell it was dyed. Please don't bash me for even thinking of doing this.

    Maybe I will get lucky and find that bag in the color I want at the re-sale shop.
  8. I wouldn't dye it. I would get that bag even thought the color isn't what you want, it's not that far off. If you wait, you might miss having this style entirely! At least the bag is new. Later on there might be some used ergos that show up on ebay in the style you want, but then again, there may not be.
  9. I disagree. If you're going to spend the money on a bag, make sure it is one that you want. There's little worse than spending money on a bag that you never use. Unless you are totally set on this style and don't want anything else and the color doesn't bother you, I'd wait it out. If none pop up on ebay in the color you want, I can almost guarantee that sometime in the future something similar or something that you like even more will come around!
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    Don't worry, everyone is nice here, no one will bash you for asking a question. I definitely wouldn't dye a Coach bag though. Coach leather is usually treated and the dye probably wouldn't adhere to the leather. Don't worry, if you keep checking e*bay it will evenually show up, save the search, and you will get an email telling you when someone has posted that particular bag for sale. Just remember, before you ever buy a bag on e*bay, post pics of it in this thread

    They will help you authenticate a bag.

    The bag you are trying to find, is honestly a little hard to find. It's the larger size w/ the turnlock, not the snap on the front pocket, right? If you do find it, it will probably be a bit used. It is an older style. Sometimes they show up at outlets though. I would also find out where your closest outlet is, call them, and have yourself put on a list if this bag should ever show up there. If they get it in, they'll call you and let you know. You can put it on hold and pic it up!

    As an alternative, they did produce a bag in this color you are looking for, only it doesn't have a pocket on the front and it is pleated. It has tattersall lining instead of the legacy lining also, but they do have it in a larger size.
  11. This is what it looks like, and the lining looks exactly like the scarf christlylou had tied around it

    This pic is of christylou's fabulous Ergo Pleated Tote
  12. Oh thanks everyone for posting tidbits! I never even thought of checking the ebay site. I really appreciate all the links and pics to help me in my search.

    I also like the style bag that christylou has pictured. That is the exact color I want too.

    I'll keep checking ebay and re-sale shops around town, I am sure I will locate the bag.

    I will check both outlet malls and hope I find something there.

    Thanks again
  13. Also, can you tell me the difference between Ergo 11285

    The only difference I see between the Ergo 11640 (the bag I am searching for) this one is Pebbled leather and features the togle closure on the front pocket.

    The Pebbled leather is more softer looking.

    The Ergo 11285 is more of a smooth leather and has a snap closure button pocket. I saw one on Ebay in very dk brown & a black one (that was patent leather)...but the stitching detail is more visible.

    Here's a link for Ergo 11012 black patent, size 10.5 h x 10 L x 5 w

    The patent: is more of a stiff leather

    All the bags I searched for at ebay feature the interior the same Legacy lining...the very bright bold stripes.

    Are these two bags the same size? or were the bags produced in various sizes like, small, med, large.

    Here is a patent Ergo 11012 in pond blue that you might like. This is from bonanzle. I think there was one similar in style and color to ChristieLou's also. I've never bought from bonanzle, but it is similar to Ebay. Definitely take it to the Authenticate This thread so the ladies there can look at it for you. Good luck finding just what you want! :smile: