Coach Employees - How Successful has the Chelsea line been for you?

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  1. Curious as I like a couple of the bags.
  2. Anyone?
  3. I am not an employee but personally I LOVE the chelsea line.. I have a signature large hobo and the checkbook wallet and love them. :tup: the style I have is not in the boutique anymore but I think they are headed to the outlets.. they still have the leathers and optic though.. it is a great line! :yes:
  4. Yeah the optics are nice I think. :yes:
  5. I love my Chelsea Teal Nubuc Hippie!
  6. When I used to sell Coach through a vendor (MSS) at a military exchange, the Chelsea line sold decently well... but people didn't fall in love or fight for the pieces the way they did for legacy or signature stuff. I think a lot of them will end up at the outlets in a little bit.
  7. i have the chelsea optic satchel in khaki and i love it!
  8. I :heart::heart::heart: the Chelse optic sig. line!!! I wish I could afford more of it!!!

    But honestly I don't see much of it around where I live.

    Sorry, I'm not a Coach employee, but I could resist sharing my love for the line. Sorry.
  9. I love this line too. So so much. Just deciding what bag to get first ...
  10. What are you deciding between? Maybe we can help! Or atleast live vicariously through you!!! :graucho: :p
  11. LOL well as far as the optic goes, do I go hobo or satchel first? ;)
  12. hhmmm good question :confused1: It just depends on you and what you can carry... I originally bought the chelsea satchel and LOVED it.. BUT I have kids and shop and stuff so I wanted more of a shoulder bag.. so I traded it for the large hobo... as far as functionn/weight/style, etc I could not be happier.. but.. I still miss the satchel a little.. lol it just depends on how you liked to hold your bags. :yes:
  13. I LOVE the satchel if I had the money to buy a bag right now thats what I'd buy.. without a doubt but right now with xmas gifts coming I can only buy accessories! =( Around here they always go fast... I dont work for Coach but I have noticed they are hard to find here.
  14. The Chelsea line is very nice, the pebbled and nubuc leathers are great, soft and slouchy. I have had both kinds, it depends on whether you like two handled satchels or single straps hobos. Now knowing my preference (ALI) if I were to choose a Chelsea it would be a hobo. I think the Jocelyn is a great looking bag, its a carly style with a turnlock top flap!

    My most favorite Optic is the khaki metallic optic! But be careful if your looking for one on eBay, the Khaki optic satchel is greatly counterfeited.