Coach EMPLOYEE question.........

  1. So I noticed that whenever I buy something I get asked if someone helped me. I thought you guys don't get commission, did that change?? If you do get commission, does it get taken away when a return is made??
  2. Hopefully one of the SAs will clarify, but I think they get credits not commissions. That way the store can keep track of who's selling what...
  3. We don't get commission but we have goals and such which I can't really discuss here. We are held accountable to them however and it's nice to have regular customers. Not only because of the goals and such, but because it's nice to see familar faces and having people trust your opinions.

    So please! Remember who helped you in the store, even take a minute to get an opinion or something. We are here to help, so use us!
  4. That's good to know. Sometimes you think if a retailer doesn't give it's SA's commission that it doesn't matter when you go to the register who you say helped you. I always try to stick with one SA per visit so I can mention the right one, but it's good to get clarification.
  5. the one in my mall gives commission.