Coach Employee Knocking LV...LOL

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  1. So I was at the mall today (insanity LOL) and decided to stop into Coach. My Mom is one of those people who would never buy a bag over $50 (that's expensive to her) I thought 'Well, maybe I'll grab her a nice little Coach bag, they take a beating and keep on ticking'.

    So we're wandering around (hubby in tow) and a SA approaches us asking if I'm looking for something. DH pipes up ' wife doesn't do purses, she wears Balenciaga' and I'm caryring my Bbag and the girl kind of looks confused like she doesn't know what it is.

    Anyhow...I explain about my Mom...and we find a leather bag that looks cute ($400)...and then hubby says 'Well what about one of the ones with the C's all over it' we looks and it is $350. I said to hubby (in front of the SA who was kind of following us around)...'For that amount I'd rather buy her a Louis Vuitton speedy 25 and kick in the extra couple hundred dollars'

    The SA chimes in 'Oh well Louis Vuitton isn't that great you know. They don't provide you with a lifetime guarantee like Coach does. Our customer service is much better. You can bring your bag in anytime and get free repairs and free maintenance.

    I just smiled and nodded...and we left empty handed. As we left I commented to my hubby....'Louis Vuitton doesn't need to advertise a lifetime guarantee because their canvas bags will keep on ticking for 100 years without any damage!'

    I just thought it was funny.....and also a tad bit rude to be knocking another brand. She could sell Coach's merits without dissing another brand.
  2. Urg ! She Obviously doesnt know alot about LV's!
  3. I hate that very unprofessional
  4. ^^^it definetly is! I don't mind trying to sell me on your brand, but not while dissing another brand.
    That would be like going into LV and having them diss Hermes or something. Which never happens! Shoot I've been in Hermes with my LV bags and they compliment me on the bag and talk about the quality of LV!
  5. yea, not helpful or professional
  6. I have to say that was totally inappropriate of her to say. She should have done her JOB and tried to sell you a different bag! Maybe you should get the LV bag! ;)
  7. Well, her bad for losing a sale!!
  8. Yuck, that is truly shocking. I've been in a lot of Coach boutiques around the country (and often carrying an LV) and have never heard a diss like that on another designer. Shame on that SA! poo.
  9. She needs to go back to customer service 101. The last two times I was in a Coach store both SA's complemented my LV's! That was very inappropriate.
  10. Free repairs from Coach? I don't know about that. I once brought in a leather keychain and they wouldn't repair it for free. Maybe they've changed their policies recently.

    I recently had my Speedy 25 completely "rebuilt", and although I paid for it, the customer service was outstanding. And did I mention it's almost 19 years old? Now THAT's a quality bag!
  11. That's cuz LV and coach are on two totally different levels IMO lol
  12. That is not the comment you would expect to hear from a designer purse boutique. It actually takes away from the class of a store. I am very well known at the Coach store in Yorkdale and I frequently go in there wearing my LV's. The SA's there love my neo cabby and last time I was in there (buying a gift for my niece), they sold me a pink turnlock agenda to go with it. :shrugs:
  13. just proves why Coach is no longer a revered brand.
  14. I didn't know Coach has a lifetime guarantee!
  15. haha that just makes me laugh.
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