coach elisa

  1. hi everyone, i was looking into the felicia the other day , but i came across this bag which is very similar , but has the two pockets in the front and i was wondering if you guys think this bag would look too big on someone who is 5'2 and petite ?
  2. I think I tried this bag on in the store a while ago? And I am 5'5 and it was HUGE on me. It hung down past my hips!

    It's cute but on someone who is petit it might look overwhelming...

    But if you like big bags, go for it!
  3. CHeck your local department stores...dillards, Macys, and yes it is a big bag.
  4. i want to get the bag , but i would do a charge and send, but i have never tried it on so thats what im worried?
  5. If you do a charge send it is not necessarily final sale, right? Why don't you get it and decide for yourself in person? If you decide it is too big you can just return it. :yes:
  6. The Elisa and the Felicia are about the same size. Did you see the Felicia IRL? If so, the sizes are comparable.

    I have 2 Elisas, I'm 5'2", hippy, and they're very comfortable for me. They don't overwhelm me at all.

    Do the charge send and try it for yourself, you can always return it if it's not right for you.

    What color are you considering?
  7. i was considering the elisa in walnut , i really want to get it and use it more as a work bag everyday rather than an everyday purse, but i dont want to look overwhelmed by it or anything
  8. Try it for yourself, that's the only way that you'll know for sure. It's a gorgeous bag with lots of room, DO IT...
  9. ^^^ thanks for the advice !!!!
  10. I just got this bag on Sat in the Phila store. This was another one that I let slip by and when I wanted it, it was gone. It was totally by accident , they called to tell me a bag I was interested in was available, (the rose leigh) but they left no message. I called back to see what they wanted and they didn't know why I was called. So they asked if I had been looking for a particular bag and I said "yes a while ago I had been looking for the elisa." She said wait a minute one was just returned. So I went to take a look at it . They guarantee me it was never used, and I did look it up and down and it does look new , but I'm still not sure if I'm keeping it. Especially now that people are finding it 50%! I paid full price.:crybaby: The one the Bleecker st. store sent me was in horrible condition, all crinkly leather and the two front pockets were totally crooked.
  11. I love the bag, and im sorry to hear about that story , but im just concerned the bag may literally overwhelm me and i dont want that at all lol
  12. Well, I'm a big bag girl as I have stated before, plus I'm 5'6 and a size 10 or 12 depending! When I tried it on in the store, my husband said that looks huge on you.
    Not that I care because I've lusted after that bag from the first time I saw it back in the fall. I just love everything about it. I only wish I was lucky enough to find it % off.
    Have you seen it anywhere, because I was having a hard time finding it?
  13. i actually saw two on eBay , but they are pretty close to retail , see that scares me lol your 5'6 and im 5'2 so if its large on you do you think it would look ridiculous on me?
  14. I actually think it will look fine on you - the shape slouches somewhat so it does not look as big on.

    As far as finding it on sale, I think I just REALLY lucked out. There was a barcode already on the tag, so I am guessing Nordies got it back as a return and sold it at a discount because of it. This bag seemed (and still seems) very hard to find, so I doubt they are to be found anywhere discounted much. If you were able to even find one and you love it, I would jump on it. :yes:

    Good luck deciding!
  15. OK, I called JAX just now and she told me they only have it in natural . That was an exclusive color to the Bleecker st store, so I am assuming that's where the bag would ship from????
    I had been watching eBay prior to finding the one on Walnut st in Phila.
    Did you catch the one listing that is up now. She claims the bag has been kept in her car?:wtf: I think she's wants like 700.00 for it used and stored in the car!

    I'm sorry but if it's been your pride and joy and so well taken care of, what the He@@ are you doing storing it in the car?