Coach Elisa Hat....anyone have it?

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  1. Willing to model it? I am thinking about it. Do the hats ever make it to the outlet? I guess I never paid attention. Loving that hat!:love:
  2. bumping this up for you... I want the Tara Hat!! LOL! It's my name!

    I don't know if the hats go to the outlet but I did see some hats at my outlet here in houston.. but I'm sure they were "factory only"
  3. I've seen some hats at the outlets too, but never the super cute ones!
  4. Ooooh I want the tara hat too (but not because its your name or my name LOL). When I was at Birch run last weekend I did see a couple of kinda meh bucket hats...I think one was a neutral khaki? I'll bet you are right, they were probably factory only. :yes:

    Oh and to answer the OP, I have not seen the Elisa hat in person but that would be SO sassy :yahoo: