Coach/Ebay/PayPal Mess!

  1. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:....I have gotten myself in a mess. I won a bid on eBay for a bag and when I went to pay through paypal it would not work. I called... they said they needed to cancel what I had done b/c it was not completed the first time and made we start over. The seller wants the payment in 24 hrs I have 2 left:sweatdrop: to come up with a way to pay for my bag. I went to the bank and nothing showed up so I can't get verified for 2-3 business day. Oh..i'm not paying from a credit card just a checking/savings account. A credit card is beyond my reach. I have talk with PayPal twice and I have emailed the seller to call me with no success. Well, there goes my chances of getting my eBay account setup and having a bad taste in someones mouth about my business ethnics.:crybaby:
  2. Betty Boop, I'm so sorry you're having such a problem. I would keep trying to contact your seller to explain the problem. Most sellers will understand if there's a slight delay in getting your Paypal account set up. It sounds like you're doing all you can.
  3. Thank graberg..I'm so worried about this:sad:
  4. hope it all works out. keep us posted
  5. good luck! most sellers will wait for you to pay, seeing that you are a sincere buyer.
  6. Good luck, it should be ok.
  7. glitter8188 & milodrinker...i can't believe this happen to me on my first eBay purchase. I'll keep everyone posted.

    tigerdrago28..i sure hope so
  8. In my experience PayPal, Ebay and *most* sellers work with the buyers to resolve any issues. Keep the lines of communication open and this should be resolved.
  9. Thanks for all of your support! I truly love this forum:love:

    It did work out for me. I got a phone call from the seller (I explained what happen) who said they would wait a few days to receive payment. Wow...there are people out there who still except the fact that things do happen.:woohoo:
  10. I'm so glad you heard from the seller. Good communication is the key!
  11. A similar thing happened to me, Paypal messed up big time, they made too many deposits into my account, and to cut a long story short, had to wait for ages to go through verfication again.

    I contacted my seller and explained what had happened, and I actually made the payment by cheque, as I thought it was going to drag on too long with Paypal.

    It did. If something goes wrong within their system, it seems to take an age to get it back on track.

    I would contact the buyer and explain, and if you can pay a different way, maybe that is an idea.

    Good luck with it.
  12. Excellent result. I have waited much longer than usual for buyers to get verified and for others who have had the horrid experience of account hijacking and need to start over again. As long as the person kept me informed and I had good vibes about them, I was fine about waiting. So, good luck and I hope that your lovely seller remains lovely!
  13. thanks, I guess I was putting myself in the seller position....ANYTHING to get them paid. I will not be happy until it's paid. At least I stop crying.
  14. Hi. Is it an e-check? Since it's not a credit card, and if you don't have one listed, it takes about 4 business days to make it from your bank account to her PP account. Some sellers don't accept e-checks or aren't gracious to accept them. The seller gets a notification that a payment is pending and gets an e-mail when it clears.
  15. I know, when you want to buy something really badly, anything that gets in the way is so frustrating, but it really isn't worth tears, I promise!