Coach Earrrings??

  1. Hi. I'm new to this forum and this is my 2nd post. I love reading all the post and seeing the new bags!! :tup: My question is how can you tell if a pair of earrings are real? I'm wanting these (in the link below) but in all gold/brass. Did they make them like that? I found a pair online but scared to give full price incase it's a knock off pair.

  2. Hi and welcome!!!! :tup: If you post on the authenicate this thread that would be the best place and the gals are real knowlegeable too! :yes:
  3. Will do.

  4. no problem! Stick around, you will love it here! :yes:
  5. This forum is so addicting. Almost as much as Coach itself.:yes:

  6. Maybe even more !!;)