Coach-Dyed Black Legacy Bag??????

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  1. well that's odd...:Push:
  2. Excuse me, but WTF???:wtf:
  3. the lining colors look all muted and old, similar to a 30 year-old Bonnie Cashin bag. I wish the seller would have taken better quality pictures, because if the black leather dye job is consistant and not blochy and the buyer didn't care what the inside looked like then someone might get a good deal.
  4. Yuck! And she calls that a "professional dye job??" Which bag is that anyway - is it a Mandy?

    Personally, I would have eBayed the white bag and then bought the same bag in black instead of having it dyed...
  5. Yikes! The poor Legacy lining!
  6. I am confused as to why she would dye her instead of buying a black one??? But I agree with the poster who said if a buyer didn't care it could be a pretty good deal. Maybe she would send better pictures if asked for them. I might do it just for S&G.
  7. It is the '06 Legacy satchel and its hideous and that person should be ashamed of even showing pictures.
  8. That is nuts. Go buy a black bag, don't ruin what you have.

    Sometimes, I just don't understand what people are thinking.
  9. YIKES! :yucky:
  10. Koo-Koo ..... Koo-Koo
  11. Maybe the white bag got ruined somehow (stained, color transfer) so she had to dye it. But it's a wreck now! :yucky:
  12. Um.

  13. That makes me want to go home and hug my black '06 satchel, which I purchased black, not white and then dyed!
  14. it is awful.

    i also wanted to add that dyeing the bag voids the warranty through coach.